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Wash. Times quotes ARTL on "Octo-mom's" doctor

In reporting on the malpractice accusations against Dr. Michael Kamrava, the "Octo-mom's" fertility doctor, the Times quotes ARTL: "...fertility doctors need boundaries, including treating embryos as persons rather than disposable commodities. 'Recognizing the personhood of these kids will end up protecting doctors, their patients, and their patient's children.'"

CRTL announces revolutionary CampaignTracker

Colorado's Amendment 62 personhood campaign is set to launch a remarkable Internet tool,, on July 4th, 2010. The Tracker will help our state secure recognition of the right to life acknowledged by America's Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life..." is designed to encourage the grassroots personhood movement in Colorado to reach local communities across our state with our campaign message of "Persons not Property," through November’s election.

ARTL Corrects Bush Record in Indy

May 2010

As the 2010 politican season was heating up and Republicans again pay attention to pro-life Christians, former president George W. Bush spoke on April 15, 2010 to 4,000 people at an Indianapolis fundraiser for Life Centers network of CPCs.

American RTL members showed up make sure that every attendee had the opportunity to get the truth. The ARTL event flyer was placed on every car parked for the event at Conseco Fieldhouse where George Bush repeated his well crafted lie that he is pro-life to a crowd of mostly God-fearing, well-intentioned but deceived pro-lifers funding Life Centers (whose mission and people are praiseworthy but whose method of raising funds by further deceiving Christians and disguising a pro-choice politican as pro-life is worthy of rebuke).

Questioning CWA's Pro-life Credentials

(Available also at Fox Business, Denver Post, Yahoo! News, and dozens of other sites.)

DENVER, Feb. 23, 2010 -- American Right To Life Action, the political 527 group which claims responsibility for derailing Mitt Romney's presidential hopes in 2008 in Iowa and South Carolina, is now questioning the pro-life credentials of Concerned Women for America and their president Wendy Wright., created by a nationwide research team working for American RTL, today is publishing their dossier on Wendy Wright and CWA. Leslie Hanks, ARTL spokesperson, was also a longtime legislative liaison for CWA in Colorado. Hanks has since resigned her CWA membership and is saddened that, "CWA has repeatedly undermined the eventual re-criminalization of abortion by their continued support for abortion regulations and pro-choice candidates."

"Many people wrongly assume that they could trust CWA to endorse pro-life candidates" said Darrell Birkey, ARTL research director. "This has led many Christians to vote for candidates who not only work against the right to life, but who, by their own policies, have approved of the killing of millions of unborn children, as documented in this CWA profile."

Wright and CWA have also repeatedly endorsed legislation that, even if Roe v. Wade were ever simply overturned, would keep abortion legal.

ARTL "hit a nerve" with its Sarah Palin profile according to Mother Jones magazine which reported that within, "24 hours after the group posted the report, Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, scrubbed its website." ARTL also celebrates Mitt Romney's loss this weekend, after three years of consecutive wins, of the CPAC presidential straw poll. With the release of, ARTL began publicly predicting that Romney would lose the majority of his Christian endorsements, and the group sees that prediction as on track with this Conservative Political Action Conference loss.

ARTL Questions Ron Paul's Pro-life Credentials

Denver, Colorado, Jan. 11 -- American Right To Life Action, the political 527 group which claims responsibility for derailing Mitt Romney's presidential hopes in 2008 in Iowa and South Carolina, is now targeting U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). But for what?, created by a nationwide research team working for American Right To Life, today is publishing their dossier on Ron Paul and his surprisingly dismal record on abortion.

The Correct Spelling of Pro Life is Pro-life

Welcome to those searching for: pro life.

You've reached American Right To Life!

USCCB: Never a need for abortion

In an age of moral compromise, Deirdre A. McQuade, assistant director of policy and communications at the pro-life secretariat of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, makes a principled public statement that there is never a "need" to intentionally kill a pre-born child.

Carnegie Institute: "Egg" Term is Unscientific

According to the Carnegie Institute, the term "egg" has "no scientific usefulness" regarding early human development.

Plan B Side Effect on Younger and Younger Girls

This riveting TV advertisement (see it also at Vimeo), produced and directed by ARTL's founding vice president Steve Curtis, demonstrates one of the great dangers of Plan B in that it even further destroys the boundary of protection that naturally surrounds women and young girls. Of course the greatest danger of the "Morning After Pill" is that it is designed to kill a child, whether son or daughter.

"The Fire" Personhood Television Ad

This TV advertisement posted by PersonhoodUSA supports Colorado's personhood ballot!

The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups

Four Conservative Talk Hosts Correct Author in YouTube Video

DENVER, American Right To Life's YouTube video, The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups, and its associated website, document the growing rift between the right-wing pundit and popular Christian pro-family leaders. This cross-country sampling of conservative talk show hosts from Florida, Iowa, Colorado and California confronts the best-selling author on her repeated defense of those implementing homosexual marriage and tax-funded abortion.

More than just the title of her new best-seller, Guilty, may also describe Ann Coulter herself, according to American RTL president and Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough. "If she wants him elected, Ann Coulter will try to cover up...

A Lack of Jurisprudence: AUL

Human Life Review invited American Right To Life to write a rebuttal to a critical article they published, A Lack of Prudence from Americans United for Life. However, HLR never published that reply, so we have now published it online. Read also the email from Maria McFadden of Human Life Review, her apology, and please consider the strength of ARTL's rebuttal.


 Brian RohrBough President, American Right to Life  
A Lack of Jurisprudence: AUL
by Brian Rohrbough


Clarke Forsythe, president of Americans United for Life, wrote a Fall 2007 Human Life Review article, A Lack of Prudence, criticizing leaders he never named for an argument he never described....

$10,000 to name one pro-life Justice

Press Release

$10,000 Cash Offered to National Right To Life
from American RTL to name 'one' pro-life justice

See this at  Yahoo News Denver Post CovenantNews HoustonChron    CNBC   etc.

Denver, CO -- "American Right To Life is offering $10,000 to National RTL," said the group's president Leslie Hanks, "if they can name a single justice on the current U.S. Supreme Court who has ever stated, in an interview or a ruling or even a dissent, that the unborn child has a right to life. The point is that after decades of NRTL’s compromise strategy, there is not a single justice on the court who acknowledges the child’s right to life."

$10,000 check to name a single pro-life Justice"In 1981, after president Ronald Reagan agreed he would sign federal personhood legislation for the unborn, National Right to Life and their longtime attorney James Bopp actually opposed that effort claiming they supported a states' rights approach," says the group's site "A quarter century later notice that NRTL and Bopp have long opposed all state personhood efforts."

In contrast, for the elections in 2008, 2010, and 2014, Colorado pro-lifers turned in a third of a million signatures of registered voters to force statewide referendums to acknowledge in law the personhood of the unborn child, and while the first two campaigns lost, we narrowed the margin from a 3-to-1 defeat to 2-to-1. Please pray for victory for the Brady personhood Amendment in Colorado's upcoming November 2014 election! ARTL is thankful to Personhood USA and countless pro-life leaders and organizations who are fighting now across our country for the God-given right to life of every innocent child.

Oppose Abortion Regulations Because...

NAF founder and child killer Frances Kissling

(Updated April 9, 2019) Pro-life abortion regulations have backfired and actually help sustain the abortion industry. This article documents this. So not surprisingly, in 2011 the founder of the National Abortion Federation, "pro-choice" activist Frances Kissling, wrote in the Washington Post that the "abortion rights movement" must itself advocate for regulations, including clinic regulations, parental involvement, and a ban on late-term "post-viability abortions except in extreme cases." Why? Kissling wants to ensure the long-term survival of the abortion industry and therefore argues that, "If we don't suggest sensible... regulation of abortion, we will be left with... no choices at all."

The simple bullets below explain why and how pro-life regulations backfire. Therefore, with the goal of actually ending "legal" abortion, American Right To Life urges you to oppose every law that regulates the killing of unborn children including waiting periods, offers of anesthesia, heartbeat bills, racial equality in child killing, and informed consent. Regardless of the intention, these laws backfire for many practical and moral reasons.

Regulations: merely prune the abortion weed and strengthen its root, for they
- make abortion seem more acceptable to the public and to politicians, and so they...

Legacy of Judas: Response to Bopp

The Legacy of Judas

National Right to Life

See this at ProLifeBlogs FreeRepublic CovenantNews MySpace etc.

Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot
went to the chief priests and said,
"What are you willing to give me if I deliver Him to you?"
And they counted out to him thirty pieces of silver.
So from that time he sought opportunity to betray Him.

In 1981, after president Ronald Reagan agreed he would sign federal personhood legislation for the unborn, National Right to Life and their longtime attorney James Bopp actually opposed that effort claiming they supported a states' rights approach. Move forward in time a quarter century to today. Notice that NRTL and Bopp have long opposed all state personhood efforts. Demonstrated below, NRTL has continuously promoted legislation that undermines the personhood of an innocent child.  In betrayal, NRTL quietly worked to oppose Colorado's 2008 and South Dakota's 2006 abortion ban referendums.  Now, like a thief in the night they are circulating a recent Bopp memo to pro-life legislators and religious organizations to oppose personhood efforts in Colorado and elsewhere. NRTL is attempting to turn pro-life officials against this legitimate effort to end abortion and enforce the God-given right to life.

A stalwart authority of the pro-life movement, Dr. Charles Rice of Notre Dame, accurately reports that not one of the U.S. Supreme Court justices, which includes those supported by NRTL, has ever affirmed personhood and the right to life for the unborn. ...

Unborn Personhood on Colorado Ballot

American RTL Elated at Historic Development 

DENVER, May 29 -- "For the first time in forty years of 'legalized' child killing, pro-lifers have moved an entire state to consider the God-given right to life of the unborn," said Brian Rohrbough, president of American RTL. "We thank sponsor Kristi Burton of Colorado for Equal Rights, the 500 participating churches, and Colorado RTL for getting personhood on the November ballot."

Today the Colorado Secretary of State's office validated 103,000 signatures on human life petitions, 27,000 more than required to force a statewide vote. If passed, the Colorado constitution would define 'person' as "any human being from the moment of fertilization."

"Abortion is wrong because it's a baby; it's always wrong to intentionally kill a baby," said Rohrbough, "even when its father is a criminal, as with incest."

American RTL has launched its Colorado personhood campaign with a rebuttal to the so-called 'hard cases' of abortion for incest...

Partial Birth Abortion Fiasco: Saved Not One

"Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life."

- Dr. James Dobson

Scores of pro-life leaders and groups (see their names below) have condemned Gonzales v. Carhart, the U.S. Supreme Court's brutally-wicked ruling upholding the morally bankrupt partial-birth abortion "ban." Tragically, other pro-life leaders and groups (see them also) still support this fraudulent ban and ruling which is a virtual manual on how to perform late-term abortions. Brace yourself for American RTL's summary of the PBA fiasco:

Pro-life Profile: George W. Bush

Contrary to popular claims George W. Bush has had a major pro-abortion influence

* By his so-called "exceptions" while in office Bush directly supported killing 3.3 million children
* Opposed South Dakota's 2006 total ban telling ABC he supports killing some kids
* In 2008 South Dakota added "exceptions" yet Bush still failed to support it
* Terri Schiavo was starved by Republican judges nominated by Reagan, Bush I and Bush II
* Kept his first campaign promise, 'no litmus test' by nominating many pro-choice judges...

Nat'l RTL Advocates Evil Research on Tiny Kids

Once again attorney James Bopp and National Right to Life work against the protection of the preborn. James Bopp thankfully failed when he and NRTL tried to stop an amendment to the RNC Platform that advocates protecting all children from the first moment of their lives. Bopp wickedly testified: "It may very well be in our future that there is therapeutic research that can be done on human embryos, and there is nothing unethical immoral, improper or ... that disregards the sanctity of life if we are involved in therapeutic research." Here is the story from American Life League...

Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson

Dobson Thanks God for Brutally Wicked Ruling
High Court Creates New Partial Birth Abortion Technique
Focus on the Family Makes False Claims About PBA Ruling

We published this letter as full-page advertisements
in Human Events, the Washington Times, Colorado Springs Gazette,
Birmingham News, and other leading newspapers around the country
targeting the headquarter cities of specific leaders and ministries.
(Related: See our 2017 open letter to Trump in the Times.)

An Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson,

Signers include:
- Brian Rohrbough, Colorado Right To Life (later, founding president, American RTL)
- Rev. Tom Euteneuer, president, Human Life International
- Flip Benham, director, Operation Rescue / O.S.A.
- Judie Brown, president, American Life League
- Ambassador Alan Keyes, Renew America...