Great Personhood Videos

Alan Keyes on Personhood: at Colorado RTL for their 2012 Personhood Amendment:


Indiana Radio Host Peter Heck: on the sound of the carnage:


The World's Largest Protest Sign: against Obama when the DNC came to ARTL's headquarters city in Denver:


Focus on the Strategy II: This documentary helped launch the modern personhood movement


"180" Movie: Ray Comfort's Stunningly Effective Method

At a 2011 Mississippi Personhood Campaign Press Conference


Roe v. Wade Oral Arguments: by Personhood USA


The War Against the Weak: U.S. Role in Nazi Eugenics, Trailer

Mom of Baby with No Eyes
: Beautiful little Christian, made in God's image, loves life:


For The Record: Personhood by Molotov Mitchell

What is Pro-Life?

Fire at an IVF Clinic


Focus on the Strategy I: view the sequel above first!


Plan B Kills One, Harms More: Morning After Pill's side effect on young girls


Eclipse of Reason: Abortion is wrong because it's a child:


After Missississippi: A Day to Advance

Toronto Film Festival's People's Choice Award: starring pro-personhood actor Eduardo Verastegui


Babies Are Murdered Here: with RC Sproul, Jr:


Focus on the Strategy III


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