2012 Pro-life Candidate Survey

Dear Pro-life Candidate, please send your answers to American RTL.

Dear Pro-life Organization, you are invited to replace ARTL's name and websites with yours  to make this survey your own in the jurisdiction where you fight. A goal of ARTL's Candidate Survey is to eliminate the "wiggle room" common in typical candidate surveys. Countless pro-abortion politicians have been "rated" as pro-life by the pro-life industry. The following questions are designed to bring an end to the time when pro-lifers are commonly deceived (see examples) by our own organizations into voting for "pro-choice" politicians.

American Right To Life Candidate Survey

Dear Candidate,

Please consider your responses to these seven questions and then send your answers to us at the contact information below. Both during the primary and during the general election campaign we mail and email voter guides out to registered pro-lifers and post the results of our candidate questionnaires online at AmericanRTL.org. We would like to hear from you before your constituents vote in your state's primary or caucus and its convention or assembly, and especially before the general election, so that voters can benefit from our Pro-life Voters' Guide. For this could be to your advantage as much as to theirs!

If you have primary opponents, they will also be responding, so please reply as soon as possible with your acceptance or rejection of these pro-life principles. We hope you will agree and answer "Yes" to each of the following fundamental moral questions. Thanks!

Candidate Name: __________________________; Party: ______________

Office Sought: ____________________________; Election Year: 2012

1.  Will you advocate that the government recognize and uphold the God-given, inalienable Right to Life for unborn children from the beginning of their biological development?

2.  Do you agree that abortion is always wrong and should be prohibited, even when the baby's father is a criminal (that is, a rapist)? [If necessary, see online AmericanRTL.org/exceptions, and see the life-of-the mother note below.]

3.  A 2009 news headline reported: 'Personhood' movement explodes in 32 states. This modern movement started with Colorado's 2008 Amendment 48 and continued with its 2010 Amendment 62 and Mississippi's 2011 Amendment 26. Will you courageously help lead the continued legal and political efforts to acknowledge that the word "person" includes every human being from beginning of the biological development of that human being?

4.  Will you oppose all abortion funding, including opposing funding for all chemical and surgical abortion regardless of the reproductive circumstances at the beginning of the child's life, and opposing funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest and richest organization in the abortion industry?

5.  It is not immoral to let an irreversibly dying person die. But will you oppose euthanasia in its various forms, including doctor-assisted suicide, and will you oppose acceptance of starvation by denial of food and water?

6.  While adult stem cell research is delivering real-world cures and boundless hope, it would be wrong to intentionally kill a single child even to save the whole world. Will you advocate prohibition of, and oppose any funding or legislation for, practices that would intentionally destroy the tiniest living humans in embryonic stem cell research?

7.  Legislation that says, "Abortion shall be prohibited except..." and which requires a woman to meet some condition like waiting 24 hours or giving her written consent before having her child killed, in effect re-affirms the approval of the State for such abortions. Will you refuse to support any legislation, even so-called "pro-life regulations" that, after certain conditions are met permit abortion? [If necessary, see online AmericanRTL.org/regulations.] 

Thanks for taking our pro-life survey which is designed to identify now the true leaders and heroes whom only later will history recognize.

Jefferson George
Vice President
American Right To Life

1535 Grant Street #303
Denver, CO 80203

office [at] AmericanRTL.org


p.s. We are glad to work with you on wording for pro-life legislation, and we have a nationwide network of pro-life organizations, attorneys, and public officials to draw upon. We will, however, oppose legislation and all candidates who would authorize or regulate the intentional killing of the innocent. So we invite you to call us at 1-888-888-ARTL and arrange to talk by phone or come visit and meet our officers to discuss strategy for ending decriminalized abortion.

We oppose every law that regulates the killing of unborn children because, regardless of the intention, such regulations:
-merely prune the abortion weed and strengthen its root, for they
-make abortion seem more acceptable to the public and politicians, for
-on the surface such regulations undermine the very concept of the right to life; as they
-call upon judges we put on the bench to uphold laws that regulate killing kids; and so they
-turn conservative judges increasingly against the right to life of the unborn; to where they
-led us to offer $10,000 to name one Justice who says the child has a right to life; and they
-trick pro-lifers into voting for pro-abort politicians who support these regulations; as they
-elect "pro-choicers" by giving them political cover for their calculated support; and they
-are just variations on Roe v. Wade which itself was a late-term regulation; and these laws
-could easily authorize a hundred million abortions after Roe is overturned; for they
-will keep abortion 'legal' if abortion is ever wickedly just 'returned to the states;' for they
-typically say that abortion is illegal except (if you wait, do it quickly, consent, etc.); so they
-violate God's enduring command, Do not murder by re-authorizing abortion; so they also
-reduce the God-given right to life to a second-tier negotiable matter; and they
-confuse many on our own side into defending various 'exceptions' as good; as they
-"do evil that good may come," ignoring the scriptural warning at Romans 3:8; and
-are often like the PBA "ban" which Dr. Dobson said does not save a single human life; or
-are like born-alive protection laws which ensure that abortionists kill the baby sooner; or
-are like late-term bans that often result in quicker decisions to kill innocent children; or
-are like parental consent laws which promote the epidemic use of Plan B steroids; and
-can only prolong, but never stop, the murder of unborn children; for they
-end with the meaning, "and then you can kill the baby."

Mom's Life: When the mother's life is seriously threatened by a pregnancy, when necessary the doctor may deliver the baby but never abort the baby. A side-effect of decriminalized abortion on the conscience of the nation is that people today have difficulty distinguishing between intentional and unintentional death. In life-threatening conditions the pregnancy may be "terminated," but not the child. That is, the doctor delivers the baby, but never dismembers the baby. There is never a medical emergency that could justify a physician who stops caring for a pregnant mom long enough to kill her child.  A baby who survives a medically-necessary premature delivery should be protected by love and by law. The child who dies from such a delivery will be missed, but will not have been unwanted or intentionally killed. "Legalizing" abortion for the life of the mother leads to repugnant acts like removal of late-term babies from the womb stopping midway into the procedure to intentionally and unnecessarily kill the baby. If the baby dies, it is a tragedy; if the baby is intentionally killed, it is murder. First, do no harm. If necessary to save the mom's life, the unborn baby could be delivered with the determination to care for both, and if possible, to save both the baby and mother!


[See these actual examples of published survey results and later analysis from a state survey based on the above questions.]