Great Personhood Videos

Focus on the Strategy II: This documentary helped launch the modern personhood movement...


ARTL's Contribution to the Viral Clinic Videos Phenomenon: Intact living baby...


Brain Dead Means Not Dead: Don't Trust that Diagnosis! From our friends over at Real Science Radio...


Another Republican Justice, Neil Gorsuch, Rejects the Right to Life: Gorsuch apparently is looking to for a role as a defendant in future American Nuremberg trials. Like the majority of Republican justices who passed Roe v. Wade (5 of the 7-to-2 ruling) and like Republican Justice Blackmun who actually wrote Roe, Neil Gorsuch absurdly and wickedly claims that because a human court denied the right to life (of Blacks? of Jews? No...) of unborn children, that therefore governing authorities have an obligation to deny these children of their right to life.


Kathy Ireland: eloquently explains life at conception...


The World's Largest Protest Sign: against Obama when the DNC came to ARTL's headquarters city in Denver:


Alan Keyes on Personhood: at Colorado RTL for their 2012 Personhood Amendment:

"180" Movie: Ray Comfort's Stunningly Effective Method


Fire at an IVF Clinic: Just as we are taught to not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, neither should we be ashamed to acknowledge the very existence of this little boy...


Focus on the Strategy I: view the sequel above first!


Plan B Kills One, Harms More: Morning After Pill's side effect on young girls


The Family: Gail McWilliams, Tony, and the Kids...


Roe v. Wade Oral Arguments: by Personhood USA


Indiana Radio Host Peter Heck: on the sound of the carnage:


At a 2011 Mississippi Personhood Campaign Press Conference: [If you know where this vitally important testimonial is publicly available, please let us know at office [at] Thanks!]



The War Against the Weak: U.S. Role in Nazi Eugenics, Trailer

Mom of Baby with No Eyes: Beautiful little Christian, made in God's image, loves life:


For The Record: Personhood by Molotov Mitchell



What is Pro-Life?

Eclipse of Reason: Abortion is wrong because it's a child:


After Missississippi: A Day to Advance


Toronto Film Festival's People's Choice Award: starring pro-personhood actor Eduardo Verastegui


Babies Are Murdered Here: with RC Sproul, Jr:


Focus on the Strategy III


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