"Defund PP" Politicians and Bills Actually Fund Abortion

Outrage Over Body Parts Videos Squandered by Defunding Efforts
Defund Planned Parenthood Bills Typically Fund Abortion
Politicians Against PP Funding Give Record Funds to Abortion 

Lesson from Presidential History: Former president George W. Bush claimed to be against tax funding of abortion yet the Bush administration increased funding to Planned Parenthood by nearly a billion tax dollars over and above what Bill Clinton had been able to give them, and this was true even though for four years Bush and the Republicans had a historic monopoly on power with the trifecta of control over the executive branch, and the legislative branch, and the U.S. Supreme Court. And G. W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood all that money even though it is fungible, and even though in a typical year 98% of Planned Parenthood's pregnancy "services" consist of abortion. Further, just like Roe v. Wade was a Republican ruling, written by Republican Justice Harry Blackmun and passed by a Republican majority, so too, Republican George H.W. Bush initiated Title X funding, amounting to many millions of dollars per year, to Planned Parenthood.  

Lesson from Baby Body Parts Videos: With the public outrage over Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, what should pro-lifers do now? Do we provide political cover for "pro-life" politicians and talk show hosts like FNC's Megan Kelly who can grandstand against harvesting body parts from "potential life" by urging them to call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood? Of course not. Instead, CRTL offers this response:

"With the viral body parts videos, America has run out of excuses. The abortion clinic says that they are merely removing tissue. But 'tissue' does not have a heart, lungs, arms and legs. Planned Parenthood is killing babies. Everyone knows that. And they're even selling the body parts. A baby is a person made in God's image so we must all fight to protect each child by love and by law."

Predictable "Defunding" Consequences: A typical bill that would "defund" abortion actually clarifies that it will fund the killing of the children of rapists, and it will fund ALL abortions, performed for any reason, where the baby is killed in a hospital. (See the recent Republican defunding bill from Rep. Pence just below.) The predictable consequences of a typical "defund abortion" political ploy include that:

  • claimed rapes in the U.S. will skyrocket
  • claimed life-threatening pregnancies will skyrocket, as certified by pro-abortion physicians who flaunt the law and abortionists who have always refused to comply even with mandatory reporting for child sexual abuse, with abortion reporting laws, etc.
  • many unintended consequences will occur, not unlike with G. W. Bush whose campaigning opposition to tax-funded abortion led to an explosion of abortion industry funding of more than one billion dollars under the Bush administration
  • respectable hospitals, ever in need of funds, will receive a windfall of revenue from a new-found abortion market and these institutions will become increasingly invested in the maturing and long-term stability of the billion-dollar abortion industry
  • pro-choice politicians will get continued political cover from the Republican party enabling them to claim support for defunding Planned Parenthood, while all the while, like Fox News Channel's Megan Kelly, they reject the right to life of the unborn child.

Lesson from Congressional History: Indiana's Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Pence's 2011 H.R. 217 bill explicitly allows funding of ALL ABORTIONS DONE FOR ANY REASON at hospitals, and also explicitly allows funding of the killing of some children in order to defund the killing of others. H.R. 217:

Title X, Section 1009U.S. Rep. Mike Pence
   (b) does not apply with respect to an abortion where --
      (1) the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape, or...
      (2) ...life-threatening physical condition...
   (c) does not apply with respect to a hospital...

Note: See American RTL exposing the traitorous Exceptions for Rape and Exceptions for Life that Planned Parenthood used to start the abortion holocaust itself, and which the pro-life industry andNational RTL have adopted as their own, which effectively prohibit any ultimate victory.

 Mike Pence is not unlike George W. Bush, who gets credit for "opposing" embryonic research when in reality Bush became the first president to fund embryonic stem cell research and he never fought to end the fatal experimentsPence praised George W. Bush when introducing him at a 2010 Indianapolis pregnancy center fundraiser while overlooking the president's tragic abortion legacy (see alternative event flyer), covering for the president who gave Planned Parenthood over a billion dollars. Mike Pence, like G. W. Bush, is in a long line of ambitious politicians and fundraisers who campaign against tax-funded abortion despite the fact that they actually fund abortion. 

Mike Pence is not unlike George W. Bush, who gets credit for opposing embryonic research when in reality the president never fought to end the fatal experiments and Bush even became the first president to fund embryonic stem cell research. Pence praised George W. Bush when introducing him at a 2010 Indianapolis pregnancy center fundraiser while overlooking the president's tragic abortion legacy (see alternative event flyer), covering for the president who gave Planned Parenthood over a billion dollars. Mike Pence, like G. W. Bush, is in a long line of ambitious politicians and fundraisers who campaign against tax-funded abortion despite the fact that they actually fund abortion.

Rep. Pence should consider that no Christian should ever submit to the criminal who says shoot this child and we'll spare those children. And nor should any Christian defend his H.R. 217 abortion funding bill.

Not only is Rep. Pence unwilling to take on hospitals that kill children, and not only is he unwilling to fight for those children he finds indefensible (some of whose fathers, for example, are rapists), but he sinks much further than that by explicitly allowing for Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to take tax dollars to dismember the children he finds unlovable or unworthy of a fight to protect. Pragmatism is what works, and "pro-life" politicians have failed for 30 years. Making "exceptions" declares the unborn child a non-person. If Pence and his fellow "pro-life" politicians cannot perceive the political climate in 2011 as the time to stand against the actual funding with tax dollars of the killing of every child, they not only fail as statesmen but they also lack political savvy.

This is a teachable moment. When public outrage grows, we don't squander that clarity with politically advantageous calls for defunding Planned Parenthood. We step up our efforts to close down Planned Parenthood. It is not immoral to fight to defund the abortion industry; but more often than not it is a delay tactic to closing down planned parenthood and it is a diversion and slight of hand (as with Fox News Channel's Megan Kelly who contemptibly and repeatedly refers to babies as "potential life") from advocating for the right to life of the unborn child. See also the two groundbreaking articles at AmericanRTL.org/exceptions and AmericanRTL.org/regulations.

RegulationsR.us Begins ISIS Ad Campaign

DENVER, Summer 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- A dozen organizations joined RegulationsR.us to launch their social media campaign to urge the Islamic terrorist group ISIS to employ more humane forms of killing. A series of messages, each inspired by a specific piece of pro-life legislation, urges ISIS, for example, to use anesthetics prior to a beheading.

meme URLs: AmericanRTL.org/isis1.jpg isis2.jpg isis3.jpg isis4.jpg isis5.jpg isis6.jpg isis7.jpg isis8.jpg isis9.jpg

For more info see regulationsr.us, and the top five articles linked to in the blue column on the right, or you can email, write or call us:

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NCI Researcher Now Admits Abortion/BC Link

National Cancer Institute Lead Researcher Reverses Herself
Now Admits Abortion/Breast Cancer Risk Factor

NCI Researcher Now Agrees: Louise A. Brinton, largely responsible for getting the government-funded NCI to deny the abortion-breast cancer link, has reversed herself and co-authored a new study which now describes significant breast cancer risk factors including "induced abortion."Nat'l Cancer Inst researcher admits abortion/breast cancer link "Specifically, older age, family history of breast cancer, earlier menarche age, induced abortion, and oral contraceptive use were associated with an increased risk for breast cancer," wrote Brinton and her co-authors in the peer-reviewed Cancer Epidemiology journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. The study also says that these risk factors are "consistent with the effects observed in previous studies on younger women." (See "Risk Factors for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer," Brinton, et al., American Association for Cancer Research.)

Second NCI Scientist to Confirm Abortion Link: "Pro-choice" Janet Daling has reported that "[A]mong women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50 percent higher than among other women."

Endocrinologist Being Vindicated: Endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind of Baruch College in New York City is the original dissenter at the NCI's conference that rejected the abortion link to breast cancer. In Dr. Brind's report on this NCI researcher's paper, read about another finding reported by Brinton, the 320% increase in risk for women taking the birth control pill to develop TNBC, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a particularly aggressive and treatment-resistant cancer. Learn more also at AbortionBreastCancer.com and see a 2011 update regarding Johnson & Johnson below.

Endocrinologist Dr. Joel BrindHear Dr. Brind address these developments in the last few minutes of this Denver radio broadcast:

Another NCI-funded Research Admitted Link: Janet Daling, et al., in the Journal of the Nat'l Cancer Institute, earlier acknowledged that, "Among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women... Our data support the hypothesis that an induced abortion can adversely influence a woman's subsequent risk of breast cancer." Daling is quoted in the L.A. Daily office@AmericanRTL.org. Thx! ">saying, "I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our research is rock solid and our data is accurate."

Nov. 2012 Update: Two more studies, as reported in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, on a combined group of more than 2,000 women, show induced abortion as a significant risk factor for breast cancer.

Mar. 2013 Update: Two more studies, from France and China, show that abortion greatly increases the risk of developing breast cancer. And class action lawsuits fly as Ms. Magazine reports on the many deaths from popular birth control pills. 

Aug. 2014 Update: A review of a dozen studies shows that the abortion breast cancer link explodes in Asia.

"Brain Dead?" Don't Trust that Alleged Diagnosis

Brain dead means not dead. Further, these real life examples of people who have recovered after being pronounced "brain dead" shows that doctors and hospitals are sometimes dead wrong:

  • Des Moines Blankety Blank Children's Hospital harvests the organs of living children, cuts out their eyes, etc.May 2015 - In Des Moines, Iowa as reported by USA Today, "Taylor's brain sank part way into her spinal canal. No one comes back from that, the doctors told Taylor's mother, Stacy, and her father, Chuck Hale. Nothing more could be done. Their daughter was brain dead. It was time to make arrangements to take her off life support and discuss organ donation. ...  Taylor Hale, considered brain dead by science, awoke from her coma. ... " So the staff doctors will harvest organs, cut out the eyes, etc., of living children at the Des Moines Blank Children's Hospital, hereafter known as Blankity Blank Hospital. See also this, this, this, this, and this.
  • January 2015 - George Pickering, a 27-year old Texan, was pronounced brain dead by doctors at the Tomball Regional Medical Center when his father threatened to shoot himself if anyone disconnected his son from life support. During the standoff with police, the son repeatedly squeezed his father's hand, and then woke up later that evening, has made a strong recovery, and in April was baptized after converting to Christianity.
  • March 2014 - A Mississippi man wasn't pronounced "brain" dead, but dead dead, and zippered into a sack, and shipped to the morgue, where he freaked out the workers by kicking his way out of the body bag just as they were ready to embalm him. Shesh. If multiple nurses and a coroner could get death so very wrong, one would hope that the medical industry could have more humility before God regarding patients who are noticably breathing.
  • July 2013 - A New York woman who was pronounced ‘brain dead’ by doctors unexpectedly awoke just as her organs were about to be removed for transplant.