Power in the Park

Power in the Park

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ARTL Endorses U.S. Senator Wicker's 'Life at Conception Act'

DENVER, June 26, 2008 /USNewswire/ -- "The time is right and the wording is excellent," said Brian Rohrbough, president of American Right to Life. "This bill recognizes the God-given Right to Life of every human being and by doing so, without compromise, it will end the slaughter of innocent children."

S.3111, introduced by Senator Roger Wicker (R) MS, has ten co-sponsors and is scheduled for debate in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

Expelled? Go to the movies!

American Right To Life Movie Marathon

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American RTL members in Denver are holding a movie marathon viewing all fifteen showings on opening weekend of Ben Stein's excellent new movie, Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed, Friday through Sunday, April 18-20.

ARTL president Brian Rohrbough was contacted by the executive producer of Expelled, John Sullivan, one year before the start of production. In a three-hour meeting Rohrbough encouraged the filmmakers to expose Darwinism's connection to genocide, including Nazism and other social ills. A sneak preview attended by ARTL members confirms that Ben Stein and the Expelled producers have courageously linked the teaching that men are advanced animals, to the outcome of men behaving like animals...

Time Magazine Announces ARTL

Time Magazine announces the launch of American Right To Life