Example Completed ARTL Candidate Survey


2020 Completed ARTL Candidate Survey
Real World Example

Candidate Name: Sylvester Williams
Campaign Website: Facebook
Political Party: Independent
Office Sought: Mayor
Jurisdiction: Durham, N.C.
Election Year: 2020

  1. Will you advocate that the government recognize and uphold the God-given, inalienable Right to Life for unborn children from the beginning of their biological development? Yes
  2. Do you agree that abortion is always wrong and should be prohibited, even when the baby's father is a criminal (that is, a rapist)? [If necessary, see online AmericanRTL.org/exceptions, and see the life-of-the mother note below.] Yes
  3. A 2009 news headline reported: 'Personhood' movement explodes in 32 states. This modern movement started with Colorado's 2008 Amendment 48 and continued with its 2010 Amendment 62 and Mississippi's 2011 Amendment 26 and now for 2014 there are many personhood initiatives underway in various states. Will you courageously help lead the continued legal and political efforts to acknowledge that the word "person" includes every human being from beginning of the biological development of that human being? Yes
  4. Will you oppose all abortion funding, including opposing funding for all chemical and surgical abortion regardless of the reproductive circumstances at the beginning of the child's life, and opposing funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest and richest organization in the abortion industry? Yes
  5. It is not immoral to let an irreversibly dying person die. But will you oppose euthanasia in its various forms, including doctor-assisted suicide, and will you oppose acceptance of starvation by denial of food and water? Yes
  6. While adult stem cell research is delivering real-world cures and boundless hope, it would be wrong to intentionally kill a single child even to save the whole world. Will you advocate for prohibition of, and oppose any funding or regulation or legislation for, practices that would intentionally destroy the tiniest living humans in embryonic stem cell research? Yes
  7. Legislation that says, "Abortion shall be prohibited except..." and which requires a woman to meet some condition like waiting 24 hours or giving her written consent before having her child killed, in effect re-affirms the approval of the State for such abortions. Will you refuse to support any legislation, even so-called "pro-life regulations" that, after certain conditions are met permit abortion? [If necessary, see online AmericanRTL.org/regulations.] Yes

Thanks for taking our pro-life survey which is designed to identify now the true leaders and heroes whom only later will history recognize.

Leslie Hanks