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Tier 3 - Personhood Later

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Ann's Answer: To the question, "Why did liberals vote for Romney?" Coulter answered, "He tricked them." But Mitt:

  • single-handedly instituted homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, and
  • appointed a pro-abortion Democrat judge, and
  • put a permanent Planned Parenthood seat on a state health board, and
  • instituted Romneycare which is awfully similar to Obamacare, and
  • had recently authorized tax funding for abortion including even late-term surgical abortion on demand.

So rather than her answer that he tricked liberals into supporting him, the truth is, "No Ann, Romney tricked you." Liberals voted for Mitt because he implemented homosexual marriage, appointed liberal judges, put Planned Parenthood on a state heath board, instituted Obama-like Romneycare, and authorized tax funding for surgical abortion on demand...