Hern in His Own Words


As published in the statewide weekly newspaper, The Denver Catholic Register in the summer of 1991, and in a Colorado talk show newsletter The Rational Inspirer, the following discussion aired on July 3 on Denver radio’s AM 800 KLTT between Bob Enyart and the notorious author of the Abortion Practice textbook, Boulder, Colorado’s late-term abortionist Warren Hern:

Hern: Abortion has to do with fundamental decisions people make about their lives… Of course the public debate is about who is going to make that decision. The individual or the state.

Enyart: So women and families should make the decisions, these life or death decisions?
Hern: Yes.

Enyart: Did you notice the news story this week; some doctors went to a judge to try and appoint a legal guardian for a woman who was in a coma? Her husband wanted to continue medical treatment.
Hern: Yes, I saw that.

Enyart: But the doctors wanted to cancel medical treatment.
Hern: Right.

Enyart: Would you have agreed with that judge, then, that no, those doctors didn’t have a right to appoint a legal guardian?
Hern: No, I think the doctors were doing the right thing and I support the doctors’ point of view although I’m not involved in that case and it has obviously nothing to do with abortion. But I think it’s absurd to maintain someone on life support systems when they are not even functioning.

Enyart: So even thought the immediate family wanted to continue to medical care, you would have taken that decision away from the family?
Hern: Well, I think that is, a, I, I thought we going to be talking about abortion. This is really not a question I was prepared to discuss. It’s clearly one in which I have interest in, and it relevant, but why don’t we stick to abortion.

Abortionist Warren Hern, on July 3, 1991, unwittingly admitted his true belief: the state should enforce the opinions of people like him deciding who should die, even when the family is fighting for life. The pro-abortion American Bar Association summarized the case as "the first attempt in the nation to wrest control of a patient's fate out of the family's hands." Oliver Wanglie wanted to continue care for his 87-year old wife Helga, as did their two children and other doctors at the same hospital, yet they were dragged into court by two Minneapolis doctors and the hospital that was trying to get the state to overrule the family. This case illustrates the deception of abortion and euthanasia advocates who claim to believe that these "life and death decisions" are for the family and individuals to make, when in reality, they will urge the state to come down against the family on the side of killing the innocent. This is Warren Hern's admitted belief. By claiming to be "pro-choice," he is a liar. And by the additional evidence of the abortion industry not fighting against China's forced-abortion program, there is overwhelming evidence that the entire industry is not "pro-choice" but pro-death. As proof, Planned Parenthood has donated many millions of dollars to China's population control program which has forced millions of women to endure the killing of their own children within their own bodies and against their will. (To better understand the abortion industry's motives there, see Sanger in Her Own Words.) Warren Hern along with the abortion and euthanasia camps believe that “unwanted” humans beings should die. The family’s desire is irrelevant to them, unless it coincides with their own demand to kill the innocent.

After Sending an Undercover Operative into Warren Hern's Abortion Clinic: American Right To Life has obtained the rare, original hardback copy of Boulder abortionist Warren Hern's infamous text book. ARTL expects to post online scanned excerpts from this book. For now, consider the caveat to Hern's invitation to colleges to debate abortion: "We insist that visual aid materials not be presented by either side." –Warren Hern, Abortion Practice, (Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott) p. 325 

* The Boulder Daily Camera: May 30, 2015, After 40 years in Boulder, abortion doctor Warren Hern is still at war. From this Alex Burness article:

Hern collects himself and, with cutting, dead-serious eyes, says, "You see why I hate these people? I hate them." He repeats that twice more under his breath.

"I hate them. I hate them."

'It's a civil war'

The feeling is quite mutual.

Bob Enyart — radio host, Denver Bible Church pastor and spokesman for Colorado Right to Life — roundly condemns the killing of abortion doctors but says there is "no justification" for their role in "the long war against God."

Even in cases of fetal anomaly, he says, "It's never a thorny issue whether to love a child.

"You don't love the child by killing it, and you don't love the mother by turning her into an accomplice," Enyart says. "Warren Hern is not motivated by a desire of freedom for the woman and her family. As with the left generally, his is a world view of killing the innocent and protecting the guilty."