Ron Paul's Profile


Presidential Candidate (R)
Tier 4 - Personhood Never

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Ron Paul is Pro-Choice state by state:

  • opposes a national ban on the dismembering of unborn children
  • claims the states may decide if they want to permit the killing of children
  • has not acknowledged that human rights trump state's rights
  • legislates as though rights come from the state and not from our Creator, thus
  • believes the states have the right to permit genocide and commit holocaust
  • claims that killing children in the womb cannot "conceivably" violate the U.S. Constitution
  • believes the state is the ultimate authority, superseding God's enduring command, Do not murder
  • is essentially a Libertarian (small godless government) but runs as a Republican for greater visibility
  • The Libertarian Party promotes legalized abortion, pornography, adultery, crack cocaine, suicide, euthanasia, and prostitution
  • Ron Paul uses Libertarians for financial and political support but doesn't warn them about their party's gross immorality

These observations about Ron Paul are documented...