AFA's Personhood Report


by Teddy James, American Family Association

What is abortion? Is it the removal of unwanted cells from a female’s body? Is it the simple procedure of removing a lump of tissue from a woman’s womb? According to Cal Zastrow and Keith Mason, cofounders of Personhood USA, the answer is much more disturbing.

“It is baby murder,” said Zastrow, who got his start in the pro-life movement more than two decades ago.

Mason said, “The biggest problem we have is battling against the mentality of some pro-life leaders that the fate of the pro-life argument is held by the Supreme Court. The opposition we have faced by pro-life leaders has been based in fear that we may lose some unforeseen court battle.”

Zastrow echoed Mason’s sentiment, but broadened the opposition and included Jesus’ admonition for Christians to care for their neighbors. “Our number one problem is unbelief,” he said. “Unbelief that the preborn are our neighbors and we are accountable to love and rescue them. Unbelief that we can actually get up and stop the killing. Unbelief that God can really bless simple truth and we can mobilize and shut the rest of these child killings down. But with God nothing is impossible.”