Anti-A62 Rally Backfires


A62 Logo Steals Show: Westword's photographer can't keep his camera lens off the stunning Amendment 62 logo! Even though the alternative rag is thoroughly pro-abortion, the newspaper's presumably "pro-choice" photo journalist did a great job promoting the Amendment 62 personhood message at Planned Parenthood's own rally! The A62 logo was prominently displayed, showing it's message without words: 62 loves the baby, showing an unborn child in the womb. Also shown is a pro-life Abe Lincoln look-alike who worked for years at Mt. Rushmore (see a pic of him there) talking to Colorado RTL office manager Donna Ballentine; Ken Scott of Pro-life Colorado holding a huge poster of an aborted child with the words Abortion is Murder; Audrey Dobson holding a a picture of a fetus that says I'm a person; and the Collaborators Project founder Will Duffy standing his ground in front of pro-aborts who were there to pose for the media.

* The Denver Daily News shows A62 Dwarfing the Opposition: with their top story, Clash over Personhood: Both sides of abortion debate meet at the Capitol, the Denver Daily's photographer and editors selected a photo that shows a pro-life mom holding her baby who is ignoring the No on 62 child killers but has his eyes fast on the unborn child that appears in the beautiful Amendment 62 logo!

* No on 62, aka Planned Parenthood, Cannot Be Trusted: Planned Parenthood’s still-celebrated founder and longtime president Margaret Sanger wrote that the handicapped, including the "blind, deaf, dumb, mute and epileptics," were the "dead weight of human waste" in her book Pivot of Civilization on page 112 available online at Google Books. And Sanger, who is still honored through Planned Parenthood's Proud of our Past claims, and in their giving of the annual Margaret Sanger Award, wrote on page 33 of her book Woman and the New Race, "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."  Also, learn about Sanger's Negro Project in Maafa 21 (see the trailer for starters).

* NPR's Colorado Affiliate KUNC on No on 62: The NPR report on the abortionists' rally quoted Will Duffy, founder of the Collaborators Project, saying that he had no problem interrupting the planned event. "Recently a politician shouted out to Obama, 'you lie,' and I think that's important when someone's using a pulpit to lie," Duffy said adding that he thinks abortion rights advocates are wrong to say that the amendment would put a woman's life at risk. He also said. "And you never heard them say anything about a baby. That's why we're here, because it's a baby."

* A62 Co-Sponsor Knocks It Out of the Park on Fox: Interviewed by Fox 31 during Planned Parenthood's anti-62 rally, Gualberto Garcia Jones said, "We're talking about a fundamental issue here and that's the humanity of the child. There are many, many difficult circumstances in life before birth and after birth. None of them change the fundamental fact that a human being is a person and we should treat everyone the same." And note how often the A62 logo appears in just this one news report:

* ALL's Judie Brown in the Denver Daily News: In the same issue displaying the above page one news photo, the Denver Daily's editors published a letter from the president of American Life League:

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