ARTL Corrects Bush Record in Indy


May 2010

As the 2010 politican season was heating up and Republicans again pay attention to pro-life Christians, former president George W. Bush spoke on April 15, 2010 to 4,000 people at an Indianapolis fundraiser for Life Centers network of CPCs.

American RTL members showed up make sure that every attendee had the opportunity to get the truth. The ARTL event flyer was placed on every car parked for the event at Conseco Fieldhouse where George Bush repeated his well crafted lie that he is pro-life to a crowd of mostly God-fearing, well-intentioned but deceived pro-lifers funding Life Centers (whose mission and people are praiseworthy but whose method of raising funds by further deceiving Christians and disguising a pro-choice politican as pro-life is worthy of rebuke).

ARTL members also handed out the brochure to people leaving the event.  While the approach was soft and uplifting, the following incidents were notable. After reading the pamphlet...

  • One man drove back to hand "this bag of lies" to one of our group.
  • One man walked back so the group could see him throw it in the trash.
  • An aged "lady" marched back to local pro-life leader Rudy Guerrero, punched him, and tried to stuff the pamphlet down his suit coat - which for some reason made everyone laugh (even the security guard).

When God told Gideon to destroy the altar of Baal that his father had, guess who got mad?  His dad? No. Gideon's father possessed an idol and never cast it down. Gideon did, and that must have resonated with his father, so good old dad showed himself as humble, noble, and courageous. But guess who got mad? The men of the city.  And when they came to rebuke Gideon, his father rebuked them!

That is what the ARTL members saw. One of the group works with a Christian leader whom we will not name, who is known around the world. He came to our ARTL member said, "I was talking to my wife about George Bush's abortion record, and we both decided we could not with good conscience support Life Centers at their banquet by condoning George Bush." That man was Gideon's father. Noble, humble, and courageous.  He received the truth which initially was unknown to him and then evaluated it  Praise God!

The driver of the "bag of lies," the trash thrower, and the stuffer were "men of the city." Don't be like them. If you do not yet know that George W. Bush did much to promote and fund abortion as president, then please think rationally, and honestly consider his pro-life profile

For more information, please contact:
rgguerrero [at] (Rudy Guerrero)
ARTL member
Intercessors for Life founder