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American Right To Life is stunned and horrified by the shocking memorial to the late Wichita abortionist at Tiller himself authorized the memorial photos taken within his own clinic; and they are used by the explicit permission from one of his own 'patients.'

American RTL does not condone the murder of George Tiller but we are thankful that he will never kill another child. ARTL has published a vigilante worksheet to help pro-lifers and others explore and understand the biblical principles differentiating between justifiable self defense and criminal vigilantism. That worksheet begins: "Lethal force in a park to save a child is just. Why then is it wrong against an abortionist?"

CRTL Comments: American RTL agrees with CRTL as reported by the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune: "Colorado Right to Life, which has demonstrated against [abortionist Warren] Hern for decades, said that although [their] group doesn't condone Tiller's slaying, abortion providers should expect that violence begets violence. 'If a Mafia hit man gets killed, people recognize it's an occupational hazard... The perpetrators of widespread injustice like slave traders and Nazis expect to go home and live in tranquillity. That's an absurd expectation.'

NBC's Pro-life Law & Order Episode: See also the extraordinary American RTL article on NBC's first-ever pro-life Law & Order episode appears online at We urge against watching this immoral and soft-porn series, but this episode is pastor-approved and you can view it online!)

Detective Bernard: "You got it backwards, man. The horrible thing is the rape, not the bringing of a life into the world."

Assistant D.A. Connie: "I grew up thinking Roe v. Wade was gospel. … But [now] I don't know where my privacy ends and another being's dignity begins."

Assistant D.A. Michael Cutter: quoted real-world surveys when he said, "The tide has turned. Most Americans are pro-life now." He also says he prefers to call the fetus a "child," as in: "An unborn child is a life and a soul, to me. I can revert to PC in the courtroom, because it's my job. But I'm not going to do it in my own office" and he suggests that we can "substitute slavery for abortion."

District Attorney Jack McCoy: "My daughter was pro-choice until she saw a sonogram of her unborn child." And later, "I used to expect people to be consistent. … I used to expect that [liberal] champions of human rights would claim some for the unborn. I don't expect that anymore."

The article ends with American RTL saying, "Personhood is back, Jack. Expect a lot."

You'll love reading the full article at WorldNetDaily! It's stunning!

WorldNetDaily Personhood Poll! Sound Off on the Personhood Movement and its possible impact on legal abortion. 3,000 people voted in this non-scientific WND poll and 95% answered positively including:

  • the personhood "approach is spot on"
  • I'm encouraged to see the pro-life movement reawakening
  • It's worth a try
  • Personhood… is at the crux of the issue.

4% of the replies were pro-abortion. This WND poll demonstrates the high level of support for personhood from rank-and-file pro-lifers!