NAF's Remembering Tiller Protest


What Happens in Denver is Exposed in Denver
ARTL Protests Vortex of Evil at Tiller Memorial

By Jo Scott, founder, Pro-Life Colorado

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) met at the Westin Hotel in Denver October 17, 2009 for their Remembering Dr. Tiller event for the murdered abortionist. American Right To Life members met the 200 dressed-to-kill abortionists with posters inside the hotel and large banners strategically placed at the hotel's entrance. “Tired of killing kids and lying to women?” and “Call 888-888-ARTL.” Every guest entering the hotel could not miss the message or the enormous photos of murdered children, and even some of the overseas abortionists likely were unfamiliar with this kind of graphic protest.

ARTL signs outside of Tiller award event

NAF's program concluded with an award presented to Jeanne Tiller to "honor" her deceased husband George Tiller for taking tens of millions of dollars for courageously killing thousands of kids, children much older and larger than even most NAF abortionists can stomach killing. While walking through the hotel in a short royal blue outfit, Jeanne saw two pieces of literature. One pamphlet, with photos which George Tiller himself authorized, taken inside his Wichita, Kansas abortion mill, and a hand-written letter from a woman who's daughter Tess, seen in those photos, had just been killed by Tiller. Mom describes her inconsolable grief and shame. That pamphlet came directly from, and contained everything at, the website. The other flyer, like the posters at the hotel, asked, “Jeanne Tiller gets an award for this?” showing the results of her husband's butchery.

According to the ARTL member stationed inside the hotel and observing the event, the "honoree" abruptly and unexpectedly left the hotel and did not return until after 8:00 p.m. when the award ceremony was about to take place.

Jeanne Tiller ARTL members at Westin Hotel for NAF protest ARTL outside Westin as night falls

Outside, Ken Scott and Ed Boulé preached to the abortionists as they arrived. One abortionist, after accusing the protesters of intolerance, was told that there would be no child killing with tranquility. A young man named Mike with a zeal for the Lord hesitantly walked up to the pro-lifers and thanked them for what they were doing. He was handed a sign and Mike participated in his first picket! Another ARTL member, Doug McBurney, and Mike, relieved Ken and worked toward the goal of increasing the social tension over child killing, at least for this Saturday night, on that one block in the center of downtown Denver.

ARTL members at Westin as night falls Abortionists arriving for the ARTL protest

Many guests were shocked to find the true nature of the Westin Hotel on display. Westin, long considered a high-end respectable hotel, was hosting two simultaneous events, the NAF Tiller award and the “Matthew Shepard Foundation,” which remembers the homosexual who was wrongly murdered in 1998. Westin welcomed and encouraged these two groups even though they openly violate two of Gods most sacred commands, do not murder and a man shall not lie with a male.

posters inside and outside of the hotel

Carloads of abortionists arrived just as flamboyant homosexuals emerged from their vehicles. Alongside foul-mouthed prancing drag queens, the abortionists filed into a lobby that smelled sickeningly sweet from overly-perfumed men. Pro-lifers reminded them all that they should turn to Jesus Christ in repentance and for salvation, otherwise, “the real global warming is coming, the lake of fire.” A heartfelt message of repentance and salvation was preached to all. Ironically, the abortionists illustrated God's Word when they draped their glass-walled meeting room with black curtains so that they could not see out, and no one could see in. As Psalm 64:5 says, "They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they talk of laying snares secretly; they say, 'Who shall see them.'"

ARTL members at the Westin's front door ARTL members at the front door of the Westin