Personhood Finally Gaining GOP Support in Colo.


GRAND JUNCTION -- The Grand Junction newspaper The Daily Sentinel reports on the rise of Republican support for the personhood amendment on the ballot, despite previous widespread GOP opposition to this initiative in the 2008 election. Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes and senate candidate Ken Buck have come out strongly in support of the amendment that would legally recognize the personhood of the unborn.

Jane Norton and Scott McInnis have also expressed support, although the veracity of that support still remains to be seen. McInnis recently claimed he didn't remember ever being a member of the organization Republicans For Choice, despite the fact that he actually held a leadership position with them.

Pro-life personhood advocates in Colorado consider the 2008 ballot initiative a success in light of the fact that, in a matter of months, the campaign at least doubled the number of people in Colorado who are willing to vote to end abortion completely. This was done despite opposition from nearly every Republican candidate running, as well as every major Christian pro-life ministry, with the one exception of a one-day-long endorsement by Dr. James Dobson. While the campaign had a significant impact on how many Colorado citizens support personhood, it seemed to have a negligible impact on Colorado Republican politicians... until now.  But, some still refuse to join the battle.

The Daily Sentinel points out the previous Republican opposition to the pro-life personhood effort. Dick Wadhams is quoted as dismissing the importance of the measure, saying that abortion really doesn't matter much in this election, adding that money-related issues are much more important to the Republican party in Colorado. A long-time and consistent opponent of recognizing the personhood of the unborn, Wadhams explained that, "this year, the focus is so directed on the economy, jobs and fiscal matters, such issues as abortion will almost go unnoticed."