Pro-life Profile: George W. Bush


American RTL Analysis of the
George W. Bush Abortion Legacy

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Contrary to popular claims, as demonstrated at Pro-life Profiles, George W. Bush has had a significant pro-abortion influence.

  • By his so-called "exceptions" while in office George W. Bush directly supported killing 3.3 million unborn children
  • Bush opposed South Dakota's 2006 total abortion ban; because as he told ABC News he supports killing some kids
  • Bush never supported Colorado's historic 2008 personhood amendment
  • In 2008, South Dakota added enough exceptions to fill a school bus, yet Bush still failed to support it
  • Terri Schiavo was starved by Republican judges mostly: Reagan, Bush I and Bush II "conservative" nominees
  • Bush's first presidential campaign promise was 'no litmus test;' he would nominate pro-choice judges
  • in 2000 in the first presidential debate, Bush declared that he would not try to overturn Roe v. Wade
  • in the third 2000 debate Bush repeated his campaign promise: he would continue to appoint pro-aborts
  • Bush never attempted to ban embryonic stem cell research but actually funded the grisly research, did not lead the fight to protect unborn children, and in fact, rejects their God-given right to life
  • supports the position that started the abortion holocaust: that a child could be killed if her father is a rapist
  • signed misguided child-killing regulations that end with, "and then you can kill the baby"
  • Bush's nominee Harriet Miers established SMU's feminist (pro-abortion) Women's Studies endowment
  • Bush was thwarted from even naming outwardly pro-abortion Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court
  • Bush kept his presidential campaign promise of 'no litmus test' by nominating many pro-choice judges
  • Bush appointed pro-choice Samuel Alito who issued five radically pro-abortion rulings (upheld PBA, etc.)
  • Bush appointee John Roberts worked to further the homosexual agenda and views Roe as settled law
  • The Bush family women including Barbara and Laura are pro-choice and one wonders if he is ever a leader in his family, warning his loved ones of the unthinkable consequences of their support for child killing
  • Bush stacked the 2004 Republican convention with only pro-abortion prime time speakers
  • Promised no pro-life litmus test on personnel and surrounded himself with pro-choice Republicans
  • Bush opposed some funding of abortion, abroad, etc., but has given billions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, hundreds of millions more than Bill Clinton ever did; Bush signed HHS budgets giving billions to PP, with Title X bills, authorizing tax-funded abortions explicitly for surgical abortions to kill unborn children including those whose fathers are criminals; and Bush gave Medicaid money for Plan B, the chemical abortifacient. See more at
  • Bush was an accomplice to the 15-year partial-birth abortion fiasco; though it raised a quarter of a billion dollars for the pro-life industry, the Republican ban permits other ways to commit late-term and even partial-birth abortions and provided cover for pro-abortion politicians who knew, as Dr. James Dobson wrote, that the PBA ban "does not save a single human life."
  • Bush signed the Born-alive Infants Protection Act which, because it was not based on wise strategy, does not affirm the God-given right to life and has the actual effect of saving not a single child because the abortionist now kills the child sooner, and as a result, often more violently
  • Governor Bush's judicial nominees gave Texas it's most pro-abortion ruling ever that parents have no say if a minor wants an abortion
  • In addition to supporting the killiing of 111,801 children through funds he authorized, and aside from the killing of hundreds of thousands of other kids through the pro-abortion judges and leaders he knowingly promoted, far from being a pro-life hero, former president Bush is typical of the modern Republican hypocrisy on child killing and guilty of the mass murder of millions of innocent children.

ARTL prolife profile summary: Exceptions are a window to the soul. Republicans like George W. Bush are pro-choice with exceptions. Pro-lifers have been told to support Bush-style politicians because such leaders are willing to save ninety-nine of a hundred kids, so we should promote these politicians because it would be best to save ninety nine percent and then come back later to save the others. That is the partisan hype. The reality is different. South Dakota tried to ban all child killing and George Bush told ABC news, to paraphrase: "No, that's not my position. I advocate the right to kill some unwanted children. If they won't let me kill some, well then I say, go ahead and kill them all." That's the truth. Will Duffy, founder of the Collaborators Project, gives this analogy: "Imagine an anti-holocaust leader in German who opposes a districts ban on killing innocent Jews because it doesn't include his exceptions, say for killing infectious Jews and those born of suspected criminals; so the district then includes these exceptions, and still this politician refrains from supporting the ban. That is how history will judge George W. Bush in his hypocrisy regarding America's abortion holocaust." If Bush were "merely" aware of the plan to kill one innocent child, and he did not try to stop it, the Bible teaches that he would be guilty of murder (Deut. 21:7-8); but when he actually funds the killing of that child, his guilt is so much greater, as though he tore the child's body apart himself (see also Deut. 21:1-9). Christians who give this president a false sense of security, as though God approved of him as a protector of the innocent, are doing him a tragic disservice. Republican mass murder is not preferable to Democratic mass murder. Exceptions are a window to the soul. Lip service, campaign rhetoric, and throwing bones to Christians aside, George W. Bush has a pro-abortion legacy.

Please send your comments to office [at] (office[at]AmericanRTL[dot]org) and urge the pro-life industry (NRTL, PFL, FOF, CWA, AFA, etc.) to stop insulting President Ronald Reagan by egregiously referring to George W. Bush, as the most pro-life president ever. Good grief! Toward the end of his life Reagan publicly repented for introducing 'legalized' abortion to California as Governor in 1967. George W. Bush, irrefutably guilty of directly killing 112,000 children, has yet to repent for the blood on his hands. Pray for George W. Bush.