Questioning CWA's Pro-life Credentials


DENVER, Feb. 23, 2010 -- American Right To Life Action, the political 527 group which claims responsibility for derailing Mitt Romney's presidential hopes in 2008 in Iowa and South Carolina, is now questioning the pro-life credentials of Concerned Women for America and their president Wendy Wright., created by a nationwide research team working for American RTL, today is publishing their dossier on Wendy Wright and CWA. Leslie Hanks, ARTL spokesperson, was also a longtime legislative liaison for CWA in Colorado. Hanks has since resigned her CWA membership and is saddened that, "CWA has repeatedly undermined the eventual re-criminalization of abortion by their continued support for abortion regulations and pro-choice candidates."

"Many people wrongly assume that they could trust CWA to endorse pro-life candidates" said Darrell Birkey, ARTL research director. "This has led many Christians to vote for candidates who not only work against the right to life, but who, by their own policies, have approved of the killing of millions of unborn children, as documented in this CWA profile."

Wright and CWA have also repeatedly endorsed legislation that, even if Roe v. Wade were ever simply overturned, would keep abortion legal.

ARTL "hit a nerve" with its Sarah Palin profile according to Mother Jones magazine which reported that within, "24 hours after the group posted the report, Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, scrubbed its website." ARTL also celebrates Mitt Romney's loss this weekend, after three years of consecutive wins, of the CPAC presidential straw poll. With the release of, ARTL began publicly predicting that Romney would lose the majority of his Christian endorsements, and the group sees that prediction as on track with this Conservative Political Action Conference loss.

[March 9 Update: Who is not Viable? Chris Wallace interviewing Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday gave ARTL more evidence that their goal of thwarting Romney's presidential hopes is on track as clearly Wallace no longer considers Romney viable as a Republican presidential candidate.]

Announced profiles "coming soon" include Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and National RTL's president Wanda Franz.

"With elections coming this fall, we challenge Wendy Wright to lead Concerned Women for America in a new direction." said Birkey. "CWA can be a powerful force in the battle to save unborn children, but only if they set a new course and do what is right."