Republican Party: We Don't Need No Social Issues


DENVER, Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012 -- Republican "moderates" like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney lose elections, while candidates that have at least appealed to the party's pro-life core, like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, win by energizing the base.

So, disdaining their pro-family base, the Republican Party has bragged that it is moving away from what they call the "social" issues, the sanctity of life and of marriage. Of course however, the very foundation of human civilization is the non-negotiable God-given right to life and the sanctity of marriage.

Republican power brokers hostile to biblical values surrender presidential election after election to big-spending socialist Democrats because they actually would rather risk that outcome than nominate a candidate who will invigorate the base by fighting for the life of the unborn child and for the sanctity of marriage. And predictably, such RINO Republicans will argue the exact opposite, that if Republicans want to win, they need to become increasingly liberal, that is, pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion, pro-socialist, anti-marriage, etc. However, if the country is offered a candidate like Mitt Romney, who is a government health care reformist, implementer of homosexual marriage, pro-abortion, socialist, well then, why not just stick with the openly liberal party, because it's hard to out-Democrat a Democrat. The party leaders have moved so far to the left, that they're competing with the Democrats on the liberal agenda.

DonateThose who know that the battle is not R vs D, but good versus evil, and right vs wrong, and that the innocent child's life must not be relegated to a second-tier negotiable issue, please donate to ARTL. For of course, even Ronald Reagan let down the pro-lifers who trusted in his leadership by funding some abortion (as in the Mexico City Policy, etc.) and by nominating known pro-abortion judges including Sandra Day O'Connor. And George W. Bush, while he would claim to oppose abortion, increased funding to Planned Parenthood by hundreds of millions of dollars more than even Bill Clinton was able to give them, and Bush ended up killing, by his own policies and approval, more than three million children during his term in office. So this is no longer your grandma's pro-life movement. To get the support of the personhood movement, any alleged conservative candidate is going to have to be willing to sacrifice his own career in defense of the unborn child, or he's as worthless as a soldier unwilling to face the battle.

Those pro-lifers who supported Romney, like Esau in the Bible, sold their birthright, for what? Yet, as long as leaders, bishops, and groups like Focus on the Family and Concerned Women for America, misrepresent politicians who advocate killing children, the moral foundation of both the church and the culture will continue to disintegrate. No one but God could know how much better off America would be if we had spent the last decades with our leaders teaching us to oppose every politician who is willing to kill a single innocent child. For how can anyone be surprised that today, four states voted to allow homosexual marriage, after Christian leaders and "conservatives" looked to Mitt Romney as America's hope, the very man who was the father of homosexual marriage, the architect of Obamacare with the individual mandate, the one who forced pro-life hospitals to distribute the abortion pill, and adoption agencies to service homosexual couples. The only thing necessary to guarantee that evil prevails is for good men to support that evil.

If Romney had won, then both big parties would have been convinced that they can completely ignore the fundamental Christian values, which principles are the only hope for raising America out of the godless, socialist, immoral cesspool that we are sinking into. So, to re-evaluate pro-life political strategy, please see the Focus on the Strategy video below (or via DVD). Then read our crucially important Regulations page. And remember, American RTL unfurled the world's largest protest sign against Barack Obama and the Democrats for destroying unborn children. And finally, if you'd like a 40-year pro-life education in 40 days, in less than one hour per day, then American Right To Life will keep track of your progress! To begin, just click on Get a 40-Year RTL Education!

Colorado Note: Formerly pro-life Republican candidate Ken Buck helped the Democrats retain control of the U.S. Senate by narrowly losing his election after telling pro-lifers that he publicly withdrew his pledge to not vote to confirm pro-abortion judges, disavowed his former support for the personhood of the unborn child, and privately told pro-life leaders that he didn't need the two percent of pro-life voters who would no longer support him. 2014 Update: Cory Gardner is headed for the Ken Buck Cliff by throwing under the bus innocent children whom he says that he no longer considers as persons and running as a liberal promoting wind farms (oh brother) and pushing the birth control pill over-the-counter at 7-11s to your teenage daughter.

Like Republican presidential candidates, the moderates Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, Colorado U.S. Senate election losers like Bob Schaffer, Ken Buck and Cory Gardner reinforce the same pattern. A few years ago, after the campaign of Bob Schaffer refused to meet with pro-life leader Steve Curtis to address questions about forced abortion, two right-to-life groups issued this joint press release:

Former State Republican Chairman
Criticizes U.S. Senate Candidate Over Forced Abortion

"The pro-life movement will no longer give a pass to candidates like Bob Schaffer who look the other way when Chinese women are forced to abort their children," said Steve Curtis, former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party and spokesperson for American Right To Life Action. "At best Schaffer was negligent investigating coerced abortion in the Mariana Islands. Worse, he has voted for permanent normal trade relations with China, rewarding the regime that forces women to abort their children."

The vice president of Colorado's largest pro-life organization agrees. "At Colorado Right To Life, one of our dearest members, a young woman named Shiu Yon Zhou, is the victim of Chinese forced abortion policy," said Leslie Hanks. "While Bob Schaffer supported most-favored nation trading status to Communist China, that government would literally force a woman, like Shiu Yon, down on an operating table and, as one of the most cruel crimes imaginable, kill her child within her own womb."

"As a Chinese woman, I know the horror and shame of forced abortion," said Shiu Yon Zhou. "And I beg Mr. Schaffer to not look the other way, and to apologize for being part of the problem. He calls himself pro-life, but how can he be when he is not outraged by Chinese forced abortion? That is worse than pro-choice."

"I've been to the Mariana Islands," said Curtis. "CNMI is not a place to hand out millions of hard-earned U.S. tax dollars. I question the rationale of sending Bob Schaffer to investigate forced abortion in the Mariana Islands when he continues to look the other way tolerating that horrific practice."

now says he would be willing to vote to confirm even pro-choice judicial nominees. - See more at:

now says he would be willing to vote to confirm even pro-choice judicial nominees. - See more at: