Pro-life Profile: National Right To Life


National Right To Life has had a major pro-abortion influence

National RTL Committee has turned against the fight to protect unborn children by its defense of politicians who ignore abortion when nominating judges, by its staunch opposition to all efforts to enforce the unborn child's right to life, and by repeatedly opposing actual pro-life candidates, even in primaries, while it supports child killing regulations and many flat-out pro-abortion politicians. For a full accounting, please see

Founder of Abolish Human Abortion Confronts Nat'l RTL VP: In the Oklahoma capitol building National Right To Life's vice president Tony Lauinger meets AHA's T. Russell Hunter and other abolitionists. The extraordinary battle in Oklahoma City over Senate Bill 1118, supported by 22 state senators and opposed by National Right To Life, which would have ended all state-sanctioned child killing by acknowledging that abortion is murder.






Hear also T. Russell Hunter interviewed on Denver radio by a Colorado RTL spokesman and then check out Russ on Apologia radio!

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NRTL Shocking Compromise Includes Staunch Opposition to Advocacy of the "Right To Life": ProlifeProfiles offers a $100 reward to anyone who can document a significant error in this startling report of the counterproductive impact of the National Right To Life Committee:

  • NRTL opposes state ballot initiatives, political and legislative efforts to enforce the God-given right to life of the unborn
  • Bases strategy on the Supreme Court admitting grievous error even though it hasn't done so in 150 years since Dred Scott

  • NRTL bears responsibility for the widespread policy of Republicans ignoring abortion when appointing and nominating judges
  • In a massive conflict of interest, unlike lobbying groups that give money to political parties, the GOP gives money to NRTL
  • After decades of NRTL work, they can't collect the $10,000 offered for naming a single Justice who advocates the right to life
  • NRTL typically, even in primaries, opposes pro-life candidates in favor of pro-abortion candidates "who can win"
  • NRTL commonly endorses presidents, etc., whose own policies approve of the killing of millions of unborn children
  • NRTL-endorsed politicians often mock, and sometimes even decimate, the pro-life movement in their jurisdictions
  • NRTL, in a betrayal of life during the Terri Schiavo fight, advocated for federal recognition of state assisted suicide laws
  • NRTL overlooks horrendous pro-abortion rulings and records of Republican-nominated pro-abortion justices
  • NRTL's General Counsel tried to compromise the Republican Party platform to support lethal research on the tiniest kids
  • Campaigns for politicians who hold the same abortion position (rape, etc.) that began America's holocaust in the 1960s
  • Has defended "exceptions" for so long they seem to forget that an "exception" is a euphemism for a child intentionally killed
  • In opposing all "right to life" legislation, NRTL only advocates laws that regulate the killing of innocent children
  • NRTL got pro-lifers to give tens of millions of dollars from pro-lifers, government has never recognized a single child's right to life
  • NRTL has never admitted that: "Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life." -Dr. James Dobson
  • NRTL legislation has the unintended consequence of further entrenching abortion by making it look more reasonable

Sources below, many of them primary, document the shocking and horrific fall from grace of the National RTL Committee (aka NRLC).