National RTL's Misguided 2006 Fetal Pain Bill

National Right To Life cannot be trusted. All abortion regulations, including the 2013 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, are immoral and therefore, backfire (see how and why here). National Right To Life's 2006 attempt to require abortionists to administer anesthetics to the child prior to killing the child is simply another convincing example to show that they have lost their way. NRTL's 2006 fetal pain bill, in Section (2)(A)(v) "Administration of Anesthesia", required the abortionist to administer pain killer to the unborn boy or girl before killing that child.

Leaders of the personhood movement, between them, have been at the doors of abortion clinics nationwide as the last line of defense for the unborn child literally on thousands of occasions. Thus the personhood movement has extensive first-hand knowledge from interacting with women who have scheduled to kill their children. Many of these women claim a personal faith in Jesus Christ and even attend pro-life Protestant and Catholic churches. Countless women, and the men who urge them to kill their children, find ways, lies actually, to justify to themlseves their abortion. Informing women that their unborn child will feel pain may result in some women changing their mind, and making an anethstetic available will likewise convince other women to go ahead and have an abortion.

Some might presume, therefore, that the 2013 fetal pain bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives is an improvement over the 2006 fetal pain bill because it does not urge administration of anesthetic to the baby. However, all abortion regulations are immoral and therefore backfire.

Another example of horrifically misguided NRTL legislation came during the important and desperate battle to save Terri Schiavo. Terri was starved to death by judicial decree by Republican judges all the way through, from Republican county judge George Greer, to the Republican 11th Circuit, to the Republican Supreme Court. Hear an interview with Bobby Schindler who had hoped that the Republican 11th Circuit would intervene to stop his sister from being starved to death. But all six of the Reagan, Bush, and George W. Bush judges voted to permit her judicial execution, including those, like William Pryor, whom the pro-life industry lobbied for.  All six. Back then, showing that they had lost their way, NRTL actually introduced a bill that, for the first time in federal law, would have recognized as valid pro-euthanasia "written directives". American RTL mourns the failure of the nation, including our own failure, to save Terri Schaivo, however we thank God that NRTL's bill failed.

So please oppose all child killing regulations. For, merely reading such bills shows that every one of them violates the God-given right to life of the unborn child.

"The law condemns and punishes only actions
within certain definite and narrow limits;
it thereby justifies, in a way,
all similar actions that lie outside those limits."
-Leo Tolstoy 
widely attributed

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