ARTL Corrects Bush Record in Indy

May 2010

As the 2010 politican season was heating up and Republicans again pay attention to pro-life Christians, former president George W. Bush spoke on April 15, 2010 to 4,000 people at an Indianapolis fundraiser for Life Centers network of CPCs.

American RTL members showed up make sure that every attendee had the opportunity to get the truth. The ARTL event flyer was placed on every car parked for the event at Conseco Fieldhouse where George Bush repeated his well crafted lie that he is pro-life to a crowd of mostly God-fearing, well-intentioned but deceived pro-lifers funding Life Centers (whose mission and people are praiseworthy but whose method of raising funds by further deceiving Christians and disguising a pro-choice politican as pro-life is worthy of rebuke).

Plan B Side Effect on Younger and Younger Girls

This riveting TV advertisement (see it also at Vimeo), produced and directed by ARTL's founding vice president Steve Curtis, demonstrates one of the great dangers of Plan B in that it even further destroys the boundary of protection that naturally surrounds women and young girls. Of course the greatest danger of the "Morning After Pill" is that it is designed to kill a child, whether son or daughter.