Plan B Side Effect on Younger and Younger Girls

This riveting TV advertisement (see it also at Vimeo), produced and directed by ARTL's founding vice president Steve Curtis, demonstrates one of the great dangers of Plan B in that it even further destroys the boundary of protection that naturally surrounds women and young girls. Of course the greatest danger of the "Morning After Pill" is that it is designed to kill a child, whether son or daughter.

The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups

Four Conservative Talk Hosts Correct Author in YouTube Video

DENVER - American Right To Life releases this YouTube video, The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups and its associated website,, documenting the growing rift between the right-wing pundit and popular Christian pro-family leaders. This cross-country sampling of conservative talk show hosts from Florida, Iowa, Colorado and California confronts the best-selling author on her repeated defense of those implementing homosexual marriage and tax-funded abortion.

More than just the title of her new best-seller, Guilty, may also describe Ann Coulter herself, according to American RTL president and Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough. "If she wants him elected, Ann Coulter will try to cover up

A Lack of Jurisprudence: AUL

Human Life Review invited American Right To Life to write a rebuttal to a critical article they published, A Lack of Prudence from Americans United for Life. However, HLR never published our reply, so we publish it here. Maria of HLR wrote to an ARTL staffer:

I want to thank you and Mr. Rohrbough for working to get his response to Forsythe in under the deadline I'd given. And now I have an apology... the piece itself [is] based specifically on [Clarke] Forsythe's piece, which we published a while ago now-I have to think about how I would set it up, how would we refresh readers' memories about the original piece, etc...
Yours sincerely, Maria McFadden, HLR

ARTL replied, "Maria, we're praying that you will publish Brian Rohrbough's submission. Regarding refreshing readers' memories [you could] publish a link in the preface which the readers can use to review Clarke's online article. Of course, the Forsythe piece could have told readers where to find our original letter online, but they were not told, so right now the readers' opportunity to be informed of both sides of the current personhood debate is slanted. Please consider publishing both sides. Pro-life activity in Colorado has exploded onto the scene, with far more energy and effort expended in the last year [with the personhood strategy] as compared to the previous 17 years (since rescue ended)."

Since Human Life Review has now refused to publish the reply that they requested, ARTL presents:

$10,000 to name one pro-life Justice

Press Release

$10,000 Cash Offered to National Right To Life
from American RTL to name 'one' pro-life justice

See this at  Yahoo News Denver Post CovenantNews HoustonChron    CNBC   etc.

Denver, CO -- "American Right To Life is offering $10,000 to National RTL," said the group's president Leslie Hanks, "if they can name a single justice on the current U.S. Supreme Court who has ever stated, in an interview or a ruling or even a dissent, that the unborn child has a right to life. The point is that after decades of NRTL’s compromise strategy, there is not a single justice on the court who acknowledges the child’s right to life."

Check Image"In 1981, after president Ronald Reagan agreed he would sign federal personhood legislation for the unborn, National Right to Life and their longtime attorney James Bopp actually opposed that effort claiming they supported a states' rights approach," says the group's site "A quarter century later notice that NRTL and Bopp have long opposed all state personhood efforts."

In contrast, for the elections in 2008, 2010, and 2014, Colorado pro-lifers turned in a third of a million signatures of registered voters to force statewide referendums to acknowledge in law the personhood of the unborn child, and while the first two campaigns lost, we narrowed the margin from a 3-to-1 defeat to 2-to-1. Please pray for victory for the Brady personhood Amendment in Colorado's upcoming November 2014 election! ARTL is thankful to Personhood USA and countless pro-life leaders and organizations who are fighting now across our country for the God-given right to life of every innocent child.