'Legitimate Rape' Issue is Romney, Not Akin, Policy


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'Legitimate Rape' Issue is Romney Policy, Not Akin's
American Right To Life Shows Absurdity of Rape Exception

Denver, CO 8-24-2012 – "Ironically, it is the implementation of Mitt Romney's abortion policy," says the American Right To Life research director Darrell Birkey, "that would require determining whether or not there was a 'legitimate' rape."

Many Pro-aborts: Acid is Life; Embryo is Not


Many "pro-choicers" will say that an amino acid is life, and yet, a baby growing in the womb is not life, when in reality, the amino acids are not life, and the baby is. Consider that many "pro-choicers" are also evolutionists. And Darwinists are frequently confused about many things. For example, textbook authors and museum curators will claim that  the famous 1952 Miller/Urey experiment created life. In reality, all they did was to synthesize some amino acids.