Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson


Dobson Thanks God for Brutally Wicked Ruling
High Court Creates New Partial Birth Abortion Technique

Focus on the Family Makes False Claims About PBA Ruling

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Birmingham News, and other leading newspapers around the country

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An Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson,

Signers include:
- Brian Rohrbough, Colorado Right To Life (later, founding president, American RTL)
- Rev. Tom Euteneuer, president, Human Life International
- Flip Benham, director, Operation Rescue / O.S.A.
- Judie Brown, president, American Life League
- Ambassador Alan Keyes, Renew America

President Obama to Press Reset Button

Freedom of Choice Act to Kill Faulty Pro-life Strategy

DENVER, Jan. 20 -- President Barack Obama promised Planned Parenthood that, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA). If he keeps this promise, American Right To Life president Brian Rohrbough said, "President Obama will press the reset button on the pro-life movement and reverse decades of legislation, regulations not built on the firm foundation of personhood, but misguided laws built on sand shifting in the political wind."

Catholic Bishops are warning that FOCA would

'Baby' cut from mom's womb

This ARTL article originally appeared on World Net Daily on July 31st 2009

The headlines from hundreds of news outlets tell an unintended story: The brutal Massachusetts murder of a pregnant mom and the child ripped from her womb has confirmed again what we all know about the mainstream media's abortion guilt.

Pregnant moms don't say, "I can feel the fetus kick." Not even an abortionist's pregnant wife would say...