'Baby' cut from mom's womb

This ARTL article originally appeared on World Net Daily on July 31st 2009

The headlines from hundreds of news outlets tell an unintended story: The brutal Massachusetts murder of a pregnant mom and the child ripped from her womb has confirmed again what we all know about the mainstream media's abortion guilt.

Pregnant moms don't say, "I can feel the fetus kick." Not even an abortionist's pregnant wife would say...

Pro-life Industry vs. Pro-life Ministry

Pro-life Industry vs. Pro-life MinistryAmerican Right To Life gave a presentation titled Pro-life Industry vs. Pro-life Ministry to a packed house at the Institute on the Constitution. See below for a list of organizations that have morphed from ministry into industry where principles and a vision for victory have been traded away for long-term fundraising strategies, comfortable retirement benefits, and a seat at the table with politicians who only use them. For one example of what happens when a ministry becomes an industry, see AmericanRTL.org/pba, including this:

$250 Million Dollar PBA Fundraiser: The PBA "ban" was a cash cow. An ARTL spreadsheet, compiled by a Michigan CPA volunteering for ARTL, documents that the pro-life industry raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars in it's 15-year effort to secure a "ban" that never had the ability to save a single child. The PBA debacle was great though as a long-term industry fundraiser. And as Dr. James Dobson eventually admitted in writing about this industry fiasco, "Ending partial birth abortion... does not save a single human life."

Alan Keyes on Planned Parenthood property

Four of the most power speakers in the country thundered across Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Denver warning American about black genicide. They stood just a half block from the country's largest killing center. Alan Keyes, Jesse Lee Peterson, Clenard Childress and Flip Benham exposed the wicked racist agenda of the abortion industry. These bold witnesses spoke and then marched to Planned Parenthood.

Truth Truck driver Ron Brock was parked outside of Planned Parenthood with his protest signs lining the sidewalk. Dr. Alan Keyes witnesssed Planned Parenthood security stealing Brock's signs. Without hesitation Dr. Keyes he raced down the street shouting "Return those signs." Ambassador Keyes ran onto the abortion clinic property and confronted the security guard