Partial Birth Abortion Fiasco: Saved Not One


"Ending partial-birth abortion...
does not save a single human life."

- Dr. James Dobson

Scores of pro-life leaders and groups (see their names below) have condemned Gonzales v. Carhart, the U.S. Supreme Court's brutally-wicked ruling upholding the morally bankrupt partial-birth abortion "ban." Tragically, other pro-life leaders and groups (see them also) still support this fraudulent ban and ruling which is a virtual manual on how to perform late-term abortions. Brace yourself for American RTL's summary of the PBA fiasco:

Open Letter to Dr. Dobson: 

The widely-reported open letter to Dr. James Dobson exposed the wickedness of the PBA ban itself and the ruling upholding it. Written by American RTL, we published this letter as full-page advertisements in Human Events, in the Washington Times, Colorado Springs Gazette, Birmingham News, and other leading newspapers around the country targeting the headquarter cities of major ministries. (Related: See our 2017 open letter to Trump in the Times.) The courageous pro-life signers of this letter included Ambassador Alan Keyes, HLI's Rev. Tom Euteneuer, Operation Rescue National's Flip Benham, and ALL's Judie Brown.

DobsonDr. Dobson's Admission: 

Our open letter to Dr. Dobson appeared also in the Colorado Springs Gazette, the hometown newspaper for Focus on the Family's headquarters. Days later the leading supporter of the PBA ban, Dr. James Dobson, conceded in writing that, "Ending partial-birth abortion, which would more accurately be named 'late-term murder,' does not save a single human life." -Dr. James Dobson, May 2007,

Update: In 2011 Focus on the Family took down this quote from their website, but ARTL has put it back up, so it remains available online using our own:

$250 Million Dollar PBA Fundraiser: 

The PBA "ban" was a cash cow. This ARTL spreadsheet, compiled by a Michigan CPA volunteering for ARTL, documents that the pro-life industry raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars on a "ban" that never had the ability to save a single child, although it was great as a long-term industry fundraiser. (See also The best fundraisers never seem to die though. To help fund the inflated salaries at Right To Life of Michigan where president Barb Listing is making over $100,000 a year, as late as April 2011 they are still running the RTL of Michigan PBA fundraising operation, squeezing money out of well-meaning but financially strapped pro-lifers. Listing says that "after a 15-year struggle," whereas this fundraiser has been going for closer to 20 years, "we are... ready to ban partial birth abortion, but not without your continued financial support." American RTL is working to inform pro-lifers so they will not be deceived into funding a "ban" that "does not save a single human life."

PBA Ruling Excerpts: 

From the official online text, at, of their Gonzales v. Carhart opinion, Justices Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito agree, as:

  • on pages 21-22, regarding a living child, "the removal of a small portion ['say, an arm or leg,'] of the fetus is not prohibited." [2017 Update (video below): Abortionist In undercover sting a Planned Parenthood abortionist admits that this is exactly how they kill that baby. We "pull off a leg".]
  • on page 17, that to actually violate this regulation, "requires the fetus to be delivered 'until… any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother.'"
  • however, on page 18, "If a living fetus is delivered past the critical point [the bellybutton] by accident or inadvertence [and then killed by the abortionist performing a textbook partial-birth abortion, then] no crime has occurred,"
  • and on page 24 (regarding a situation in which the abortionist had prepared the mother with laminaria to open the cervix), there would be no violation for performing an actual partial-birth abortion, as the justices suggest, if the mother happened to be over "dilate[d]."
  • on page 30, the justices hope that abortionists, "may find different and less shocking methods to abort [kill] the fetus..."
  • while on page 33, speaking of  killing "late-term" children, these justices say that abortionists should use "reasonable alternative procedures"
  • such as, on pages 4-6, by their own descriptions of methods to kill the baby, that are still "legal", include "ripping it apart," "dismemberment," "a leg might be ripped off the fetus," "friction causes the fetus to tear apart," "10 to 15 passes with the forceps," "evacuating the fetus piece by piece."
  • on page 34, the Justices actually suggest other ways for an abortionist to kill the same, late-term fully-intact child, such as "an injection that kills the fetus is an alternative..."
  • and on page 36, this Republican majority says that the authority for this "regulation," comes from "the Commerce Clause," as though children were inventory or a crop to be harvested.

Thus pro-life leaders who initially praised this opinion later condemned it as immoral (see below) for it is a virtual late-term abortion manual, making the Gonzales v. Carhart PBA ruling more brutally wicked than Roe v. Wade itself.

PBA Ruling Analysis: 

Read Colorado RTL's PBA Ban Analysis which first exposed the brutality and wickedness of the U.S. Supreme Court's Gonzales v. Carhart opinion which implements a four-inch variation on a standard partial-birth abortion, "permitting" the abortionist to pull the same baby out to the navel, rather than to the neck, before killing it.

Ten Years Later Undercover Video Horrificially Confirms ARTL's Warning: 

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in 2017 released a 3-minute video of Stacy De-Lin, director, Planned Parenthood of New York City, saying, "We certainly do intact D&Es" [dilation and extraction], that is, removing the baby whole, which, as with a partial-birth abortion, would typically mean that the baby is still alive. Ann Schutt-Aine, director, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast explains how to then kill that living intact baby while complying with National RTL's brutally wicked PBA law. In Aine's words, "I might ask for a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg, or two, so it's not PBA", exactly as Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, and Samuel Alito suggested (see red excerpts above).

Note: Google removed this investigative undercover video from YouTube,
but see it here beginning at 1:28.

Video removed from youtube

The Worst Abortion Video Yet: 

We here at American RTL are so thankful for CMP's undercover work. But we are also saddened by their squandering the outrage by misdirecting the rightly angry public away from the abolition of decriminalized child killing to focus on the long-time scam of defunding and the issue of "illegal" sale of body parts. The fabulous work of the viral videos exposing the the heartless wickedness of Planned Parenthood including by their sale of body parts was wasted. Here at American RTL, with our 2-minute video showing the horrific way that today's medical "professionals" readily treat a living fetus, we offer instruction to CMP, Lila Rose, and to the "pro-life" movement:

Read the Ruling: 

Read for yourself the PBA ruling itself from the official site and notice that this Gonzales v. Carhart ruling, perhaps the most brutally wicked opinion issued in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, is a virtual PBA manual with instructions describing various methods for "legally" aborting a late-term child.

Judge Roy Moore Apologizes: 

After our open letter to Dr. Dobson ran as an $8,000 full-page advertisement in the Birmingham News (in hopes of reaching Judge Moore), Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore on Denver radio humbly repented and publicly apologized for his initial celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court's PBA ruling. Read ARTL's transcript or listen to Judge Moore's analysis of the PBA ruling during which he stated: "Things aren't always as they seem. And when this [Gonzales vs. Carhart] ruling came out, many praised the ruling; in fact I was one of them. I had not fully read the ruling... But then when you read the Carhart opinion, you realize what they have done is atrocious. … When I heard someone say, 'this opinion does not save a single human life,' they are correct… I likened this Carhart opinion, to... just like in Germany, a court in Germany, during the Holocaust coming out and saying, The Congress has just passed a rule that we couldn't gas these Jews but it certainly allows us to put them in a deep ditch and cover them with dirt while they are still breathing. You see, that is how atrocious this Carhart opinion is. It says you can still kill them, you just have to do it a different way. Now if anybody doesn't believe that that is what this opinion says, I invite them to read it. ... You have just got to read the opinion… [then Judge Moore quotes the ruling verbatim] 'In addition, if intact D&E [PBA] is truly necessary in some circumstances, a prior injection to kill the fetus allows the doctor to perform the procedure given that the act's prohibition only applies to the delivery of a living fetus.' … We all stand in need of some correction. And I can admit I was too, I needed that. I spoke too quickly. But you know, all you have to do is read the opinion."

  • Focus on the Strategy: Watch Focus on the Strategy II online (or get the DVD) to see that the PBA fiasco wasted 15 years of pro-life effort and yet never had the authority to stop even a single abortion.
  • Regulations: The PBA Ban is a typical example of well-meaning but immoral 'pro-life' legislation that violates God's enduring command, Do not murder, because it ends with, "and then you can kill the baby." See American RTL's 15 stunning and irrefragable bullet points in our article, Oppose regulations because..., including for example that, typified by the PBA Ban, regulations help to elect pro-abortion politicians, like Tom Daschle and many others (see sources in the article), by giving them political cover for their calculated support.

American RTL's PBA Fiasco Summary: 

Gonzales v. Carhart is the most brutal ruling in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court and is a virtual manual on how abortionists can continue to perform late-term and even partial-birth abortions. The ban and ruling explicitly keep partial-birth abortion legal with the justices declaring what the misguided regulation obviously indicates, that the abortionist can deliver the baby to the navel (a four-inch variation on standard PBA) and then kill her; and he can even perform a text-book PBA if the mother is "over dialated;" and the justices list other ways the same late-term child can be killed, and they suggest that these other methods may indeed be more violent (and thus more painful to the fetus) than PBA itself, but they justify this in that the ban improves the public perception of the abortion industry.

Leaders Not Celebrating, but Thankfully Condemning, the PBA Ruling:

Ambassador Alan KeyesJohn Archibold, a founding board member of National Right To Life and Americans United for Life (who resigned both groups in protest when they adopted an immoral strategy that was also destined to fail)  * Dr. Charles Rice, professor emeritus, Notre Dame Law School * Rev. Tom Euteneuer and Human Life International * Dr. Patrick Johnston and Pro-Life Physicians * Editor Jim Rudd and Covenant News * Cliff Zarsky and Corpus Christi RTL * Chris Mohr, director of Ohio RTL * Erik Whittington and Rock for Life * John Lofton and The American View * Eric Guttormson and * Brian Martin and * Jim Anderson and Life Commercials * Cal Zastrow and Michigan Citizens for Life * Judy Zabik, Michigan Personhood Leader * Matt Trewhella and Missionaries to the Preborn * Brannon Howse and Christian Worldview Net * David Brownlow, OR U.S. Senate Candidate  * Keith Humphrey and Life Support * Gregg Jackson, best-selling author and radio host * Louis Wein, former New York City Ass't Mayor * Steve Curtis, former State Chair, Colorado Republican Party * Julie Niccum, Wisconsin Personhood Leader * Jo Scott and Pro-Life Colorado * Pastor Bob Enyart and Denver Bible Church * Pastor Gino Geraci and Calvary Chapel South Denver * Chuck Baldwin and Crossroad Baptist Church * Rev. Clennard Childress and L.E.A.R.N. and * Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue * Angela Michael with Ladies of the Covenant * John Haskins and the Underground Journal * Eve Sanchez Silver, Clear Research and former Komen for the Cure staff advisor * Rep. Don Dwyer, MD House of Representatives * Steve Schulin, MD Independent Party * The Editors, Human Life Alliance * Tom Hoefling and America's Independent Party * T. Russell Hunter and Abolish Human Abortion * Steve Deace, nationally-syndicated radio host * Leslie Hanks and  American Right To Life * Susan Sutherland and Colorado Right To Life * Flip Benham and Operation Rescue National / OSA* Bob Dornan, 20-year U.S. Congressman * Nellie Gray, a founder, D.C. March for Life * Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough and Life Commercials * Judie Brown and American Life League * Judge Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments judge, former Chief Justice of the State of Alabama.

Groups Still Inexcusably Defending this Brutally-Wicked Ruling:

National Right to Life Committee * Americans United for Life * Christian Law Association * Family Research Council * National Pro-Life Action Center * Christian Coalition * U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops * Wendy Wright and Concerned Women for America * Fr. Frank Pavone and Priests for Life * Jay Sekulow and American Center for Law and Justice * Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family

Hear Mom Present When Bush Signed the PBA "Ban": 

A mother who was on hand when George W. Bush signed this horrific legislation, Lori Vance, later discussed the PBA "ban" with an American RTL spokesman. 

See the 4-inch Variation Required by the Wicked PBA "Ban" & Ruling:

Original partial-birth abortion (PBA) diagramsNew partial-birth abortion technique (PBA ban's 4-inch variation)