Focus on the Strategy I

Watch ARTL's groundbreaking Focus on the Strategy I. Learn how to do your part to restore the pro-life movement and to end America’s “legalized” child killing.


“Awesome! Six hundred thumbs up!” Focus on the Strategy I was filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists in Denver, Colorado during a week-long citywide pro-life outreach.

Focus on the Strategy II

Watch ARTL's groundbreaking Focus on the Strategy II. Learn how to do your part to restore the pro-life movement and to end America’s “legalized” child killing. Focus II has cameo appearances from ARTL friends including Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough, Life Dynamic's Mark Crutcher, American Life League president Judie Brown, and founding board member of Nat'l RTL and Americans United for Life John Archibold.

And hear also a Focus on the Family staff member, Salem radio host Hugh Hewitt, LifeNews publisher Steve Ertelt, talk host Laura Ingraham and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, and finally, Dr. James Dobson, all caught revealing the most shocking truths.

Focus on the Strategy III

After learning the lessons from ARTL's groundbreaking Focus on the Strategy II which exposes the 40 years in the wilderness of failed pro-family tactics, now we're better equipped to strategize effectively as we do in ARTL's Focus III to implement the three-pronged strategy that can lead to the end of child-killing in our lifetimes!



Recalibrating America's Christian political strategy...

Burning Buildings and Half a Loaf

Endorsement: "This is one of the BEST articles I've ever read! Thanks Juda Myers for alerting me to it... I really appreciate good thinking! WOW!!!" -Rebecca Kiessling

Abortion Purists vs. Consenting to the Killing of Some

Clickable Contents: Because there are so many clichés used trying to justify abortion regulations, we provide a clickable table of contents so you don't need to read this whole article. We recommend the Introduction and Hostage Takers sections, and then the clichés you yourself have used or heard.

Why Abortion's Not A State's Rights Issue

Just click for our main article on States' Rights & Abortion.

Mark Crutcher explains pro-lifers'
divide over Personhood Movement April 10, 2010  

Across the country, there is a growing effort to place ballot initiatives before the voters that, if successful, would legally establish the personhood of the unborn child. Such citizen-led campaigns are already being carried out in several states, and more are in the planning stages.

We have also seen this Personhood Movement challenged by some pro-lifers who insist that we should, instead, concentrate our efforts on overturning Roe v. Wade. …I was called by a state pro-life leader who was adamantly pushing this approach. His contention was that such a strategy has a much higher probability of success and would accomplish the same result. The reason for his call was to ask me to join his group in discouraging the personhood initiative in his state. I declined.

…A significant number of our people appear to believe that overturning Roe would automatically make abortion illegal and that is simply not the case…

Both the fifth and 14th Amendments create a constitutional right to life for all "persons" as well as a federal duty to protect those lives. Therefore, if the Court were to overturn Roe on the basis that the unborn child is a person, their lives would be protected by the Constitution and this nightmare would be over. However, most legal experts feel that the Court is far more likely to overturn Roe on the basis that the Constitution is silent on abortion and that it is, therefore, a "states' rights" matter.

That would be an unmitigated disaster for the unborn.

Dred Scott Shepardized

Justices Reference Dred Scott 56 Times
Informing Personhood/Abolitionist Strategy

April 2010

Dred Scott, Plaintiff in Error v. John Sandford [sic]* (1857)

The U.S. Supreme Court has mentioned its own pro-slavery Dred Scott decision 56 times in more than 150 years since issuing their opinion that many blacks and some other humans could be owned as property. What have they said about their own ruling, and what might that tell us about the fight to re-criminalize abortion? To answer these questions American Right To Life commissioned this Shepardization of the Scott opinion, analyzing each reference to that iconic case to better equip those working to protect the innocent.

Dred Scott

The Supreme Court has been mostly positive or neutral in its references to its own pro-slavery Dred Scott decision as documented below. As late as 1992 in an abortion decision they actually make excuses for their own century-old Plessy ruling which upheld law based on the amount of "colored blood" in a person's veins. Both Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott falsely present living human beings as property and not as persons with full human rights. For decades, national pro-life organizations, arguing that the Supreme Court is not ready to overturn its 1973 ruling, have therefore actually opposed constitutional amendment efforts to recognize the personhood and right to life of the unborn child. This review of the court's references to its own atrocious violation of the human rights of millions of enslaved human beings indicates that it is politically naïve to craft a pro-life strategy based primarily on the composition and humility of the court.

NBC's Law & Order Relevant to MS Personhood Vote

With Mississippi's Personhood Amendment 26 vote coming on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, we remember this...

NBC's first-ever pro-life Law & Order episode, titled Dignity, is excerpted below. We urge against watching this immoral and soft-porn series, but this episode is pastor-approved and you can view it online!). L&O excerpts:

From Detective Kevin Bernard, played by Anthony Anderson: "You got it backwards, man. The horrible thing is the rape, not the bringing of a life into the world."

Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Connie Rubirosa says, "I grew up thinking Roe v. Wade was gospel. … But [now] I don't know where my privacy ends and another being's dignity begins."

Executive ADA Michael Cutter, played by Linus Roache, was quoting real-world surveys when he said, "The tide has turned. Most Americans are pro-life now."

Cutter virtually quoted the co-sponsor of Colorado's 2010 Personhood Amendment, Gualberto Garcia Jones, who launched the statewide ballot initiative holding his 10-day-old son at a press conference and saying, "Two weeks ago, my son had less rights than a dog or a cat." Speaking to District Attorney Jack McCoy, Cutter says, "My God, cats and dogs have more rights than the unborn." more...

Anti-A62 Rally Backfires

Personhood Amendment logo steals the show...A62 Logo Steals Show: Westword's photographer can't keep his camera lens off the stunning Amendment 62 logo! Even though the alternative rag is thoroughly pro-abortion, the newspaper's presumably "pro-choice" photo journalist did a great job promoting the Amendment 62 personhood message at Planned Parenthood's own rally! The A62 logo was prominently displayed, showing it's message without words: 62 loves the baby, showing an unborn child in the womb. Also shown is a pro-life Abe Lincoln look-alike who worked for years at Mt. Rushmore (see a pic of him there) talking to Colorado RTL office manager Donna Ballentine; Ken Scott of Pro-life Colorado holding a huge poster of an aborted child with the words Abortion is Murder; Audrey Dobson holding a a picture of a fetus that says I'm a person; and the Collaborators Project founder Will Duffy standing his ground in front of pro-aborts who were there to pose for the media.

Personhood Campaign Guidelines

Lessons Learned
from the 2008 & 2010 Colorado Campaigns
that Launched Today's Personhood Movement

The leaders of American Right To Life were involved with Colorado's 2008 and 2010 Personhood campaigns from beginning to end. In the hope of hastening future victories, we are sharing some of the lessons learned with those across the U.S. fighting for the recognition of personhood.

Don't Throw the Bums In re: Ken Buck

For Immediate Release: Friday, October 15, 2010:

"Don't Throw the Bums In" Press Conference
American RTL on Ken Buck's Broken Promises

Ken Buck 

Nov. 3, 2010 Update: Regarding Ken Buck's Close 47/48 Percent Loss: After breaking every pro-life campaign promise he made including by promising to confirm pro-choice judges if elected, Ken Buck told the Amendment 62 proponents, "I'm not going to cater to personhood for 2% of the vote."

Oct. 25, 2010 Update: Buck cozying up to Mitt Romney who authorized tax-funded surgical abortion on demand as part of his Obama-like health care reform, and who now has hosted a Buck event.

Denver, CO 10-15-10 – American Right To Life Action, a 527 group headquartered in Colorado, will hold a press conference in front of Denver's federal Courthouse today at 1:15 p.m. criticizing a Republican U.S. Senate candidate.

"Ken Buck has already broken every pro-life campaign promise he made," said Lolita Hanks, president of ARTLA, "including that he now recanted on his promises to fight for a state pro-life amendment to protect unborn children from the beginning of their development, to introduce a ban on abortion, and to not confirm pro-abortion judges."

State-By-State Campaign Undercuts Roe v Wade

WorldNetDaily updates conservatives on the nationwide campaign to recognize the personhood of the unborn in states like Colorado, Mississippi, California, Missouri and elsewhere. PersonhoodUSA's Keith Mason explains how personhood is aimed at undercutting the very foundation of Roe v Wade, in which Supreme Court Justice Blackmun observed that if the personhood of the unborn were legally established, the case for legal abortion would collapse...