AFA's Personhood Report


by Teddy James, American Family Association

What is abortion? Is it the removal of unwanted cells from a female’s body? Is it the simple procedure of removing a lump of tissue from a woman’s womb? According to Cal Zastrow and Keith Mason, cofounders of Personhood USA, the answer is much more disturbing.

“It is baby murder,” said Zastrow, who got his start in the pro-life movement more than two decades ago.

Personhood Campaign Guidelines


Lessons Learned
from the 2008 & 2010 Colorado Campaigns
that Launched Today's Personhood Movement

The leaders of American Right To Life were involved with Colorado's 2008 and 2010 Personhood campaigns from beginning to end. In the hope of hastening future victories, we are sharing some of the lessons learned with those across the U.S. fighting for the recognition of personhood.

Fox News: Colorado Leads Nat'l Personhood Fight


DENVER -- Alicia Acuna of Fox News reports on Amendment 62, the "personhood amendment" on the Colorado ballot this Fall. "Amendment 62 is a grassroots initiative that is attempting to change the law here in Colorado so that all human beings are protected under the law, equally, regardless of whether they are born or pre-born," explained Gualberto Garcia Jones, director of Personhood Colorado.

State-By-State Campaign Undercuts Roe v Wade


WorldNetDaily updates conservatives on the nationwide campaign to recognize the personhood of the unborn in states like Colorado, Mississippi, California, Missouri and elsewhere. PersonhoodUSA's Keith Mason explains how personhood is aimed at undercutting the very foundation of Roe v Wade, in which Supreme Court Justice Blackmun observed that if the personhood of the unborn were legally established, the case for legal abortion would collapse...

Mississippi Personhood Amendment Makes Ballot


JACKSON MS -- The Missisippi Personhood Amendment will be on the ballot in November of 2011, thanks to Les Riley, personhood campaign organizer and chairman of Mississippi's Constitution Party, and also thanks to ARTL friend Cal Zastrow, co-founder of PersonhoodUSA.

With co-founder Keith Mason, Zastrow has been helping to coordinate personhood initiatives in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, California and elsewhere.